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The next morning or afternoon, Summer pokes Marissa awake and asks her where she was all night. Marissa says that she was with Johnny. Summer doesn't appreciate having been put in the position to tell Ryan that, nor is she thrilled to find Johnny's sweatshirt in her bedroom. At this point, the question is who isn't sleeping in Summer's bed? Marissa swears to Summer that she would never cheat on Ryan, but that she and Johnny have things in common that they needed to talk about last night. Like their mutual attraction to each other. "He just gets me," Marissa says. I'm glad someone does, since I don't understand how Marissa can't understand how not cool it is to blow off her boyfriend to spend time stroking another guy's back. Marissa invites Summer to tonight's beach party to see things for herself. Summer accepts, but urges Marissa to apologize to Ryan for ditching him last night. Marissa would rather sleep. She sucks.

Ryan and Seth are helping to set up for the lock-in when a well-rested Marissa strolls in to apologize to Ryan for ditching him without even calling him, in order to spend time with Johnny talking about "personal" things. Amazingly, she had the presence of mind not to wear Johnny's sweatshirt. Marissa begs Ryan to believe her when shey says that there is nothing going on between her and Johnny, apparently not understanding that repeated insistence of one's innocence is a sure sign of guilt. Saint Ryan says it's okay with him as long as it's okay with her. I'm sure it is. Marissa wants to have a private conversation with Ryan now, so she steps about two feet to her right. She tells him she's still having problems with the Trey thing. Before Ryan can say anything, Taylor Townsend orders him to get back to work.

Sandy meets with the Newport Group's prospective buyers even though it's Saturday. An older man introduces Sandy to young Matt Ramsey, a "rising star" in their company. The three sit down, and the older guy tells Sandy he's thrilled about buying the sinking ship that is the Newport Group. Sandy says there's only one condition, but before he can say what it is, Matt guesses it's the low-income properties down by the beach. Sandy says he doesn't want them torn down, even though they don't bring in much money. Matt agrees, calling them "the heart and soul" of the Newport Group. I think Caleb would have disagreed. The older guy is less emphatic in his agreement, because he is an evil greedy businessman. He gives Sandy his word that the properties will stay up (which isn't worth much if it's not in a written contract, but whatever), and they all shake hands. Sandy notices that Matt won't look him in the eye.

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