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7 'n 7 and Julie tell Kirsten some wacky stories about their shared living experience. Julie has been leaving wet towels all over the floor from her apparent multiple daily showers. Julie bemoans the loss of a maid to clean them up for her. Everyone laughs, and Kirsten says they must be having lots of fun living together. Especially since Julie's daughter isn't around to add to the wet towel pile with her wet blanket self. The three women sit outside, and Julie and 7 'n 7 get down to business: they want throw a black-tie charity event to raise money so that "underprivileged women" can go to SURIAK. I have a feeling the percentage of underprivileged women in the American population who otherwise couldn't afford SURIAK is about 99.98. And yet, Kirsten thinks this is a great cause. That is, until 7 'n 7 asks/tells her to help them out. Kirsten apologizes, but says she told herself she'd wait a while before diving back into the Newport social scene. 7 and Julie make sad faces. Kirsten leaves to tend to the whistling tea kettle. "I'll handle this," 7 promises Julie, and follows her inside. I don't think 7's talking about the boiling tea kettle, either.

As Kirsten pours the tea and silently congratulates herself for mastering the art of boiling water, 7 calls her "Kiki" (the nerve!) and appeals to Kirsten's caring side. You see, 7 thinks that this event is really important for getting Julie back on her feet, which Kirsten should care about because Julie tried to put Kirsten's adopted son in jail a few weeks ago. I really don't understand why we can deal with the fallout from all of this with Marissa, but pretend it never happened when it comes to all the other characters. 7 says that the party won't get any attendees without Kirsten's help, since Julie has no friends and 7 is new in town. Then Julie walks in, and Kirsten tells her she'd love to help out with the event. Julie is pathetically grateful, as the newly poor so often are. 7 smiles smugly. And also creepily.

Rock music plays us into the Public Skool Kidz beach party, which will be hosted by Chili from his home on the beach. He has a home on the freaking beach. In Newport. Great job convincing us that those Public Skool Kidz really have things rough with their poverty, there, writers. Chili offers to give Summer a tour of the place, but she calls him a dork and he is silenced. Someone should clue him in that Summer likes dorks. Marissa strokes Johnny's arm and asks him to show her where to put her stuff down. They go off together. Summer asks Chili where Johnny's girlfriend is. He doesn't know or care.

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