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At the Newport Group, Caleb lectures Sandy on the dirty business of construction. Bids below cost! Mysteriously approved permits! Guys like Sean are the lifeblood of the industry! Sandy commends Caleb's touching speech, but turns down Sean's case, wishing Caleb well. Caleb starts in on how Sean is old and tired and will have lots of answers for the D.A., leading Sandy to preach that if you build your empire on quicksand, eventually it will sink. Caleb asks what about Kirsten, since she's complicit, too. Sandy yelps that Kirsten doesn't know anything about it, and Caleb explains that he kept it from her to protect her, but since she's the one who signs Sean's paychecks, they're all in it together. The eyebrows are displeased! Let's just hope no one ends up with the head of Captain Oats in his bed.

In the Student Disunion, Anna plays Pac-Man. Now that's my game. It's not my hat, though. She's in danger of being swallowed by the giant, denim pageboy cap. Summer abashedly approaches, clutching a purple folder to her chest. She apologizes, announcing that it's not like she and Seth planned to get together; it just happened, but if it makes Anna feel better, she doesn't think it will work out. Anna sadly says, "That makes me feel great." As Anna turns back to the game, Summer presses her back against the Galaga machine and opens up about how she can't be one of those hand-holding couples who make out in the hallway between classes and let the whole world know what's going on, because it's none of their business. Anna softly rebuts, "Yeah, well, you don't have to ignore him, Summer." Aw. Anna points out that Summer spent so much time trying to get his attention -- she even dressed up like Wonder Woman, but Wonder Woman is supposed to have an invisible jet, not an invisible boyfriend. Anna concludes, "Either you're really evil, or there's something else going on." Suddenly near tears, Summer breathily whispers that she doesn't know why Seth likes her: he's smart and they have nothing in common; he'll just get bored of her like all boys do. And if everyone knows they're dating, then everyone will know when he breaks up with her. Which he will. She inhales deeply and asks, "Dumped by Seth Cohen? Real good for my reputation." Anna looks concerned, perhaps because she just realized she's wearing a glittery name-tag for absolutely no reason.

At his locker, Luke answers a cell-phone call from Lady Heather, who reprimands him for saying her name out loud, and then instructs him to come to the hotel, park across the street, walk to their usual room, and knock twice so that she'll know it's him. She pauses, and then dramatically declares, "And Luke? This is a booty call." Luke's as amused by that as I am.

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