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Seth is also at his locker, but no booty calls come his way. Instead, Anna does, announcing that he's not the only coward. He says it's nice to see her, too. She explains that Summer is also scared, which Seth already knows -- she's scared of being seen in public with him! Anna points out that Summer was fearless and ruthless (isn't that some Cosmo award?) in fighting for him, and now she's got him; what's scarier than that? Seth asks, "Nothing scarier than being with me, or do you mean, like, anyone?" When Anna translates that Summer is afraid of losing him, Seth asks why, since he's not going anyway. Anna suggests that Seth let Summer know that.

Meanwhile at The Mermaid, Marissa knocks at a door which surprisingly does not open to reveal Lady Heather or Luke or anyone else that could cause further drama on the show. Not yet, anyway. Instead, it's Theresa's room, and Marissa announces that she wants to talk. She knows it's weird that she's there, but she needs to know if Theresa is still in love with Ryan. Theresa concludes that Marissa must be to be asking, and Marissa bleats that she doesn't want to be, and that it would be easier if she wasn't. With this, Theresa lets Marissa in.

We haven't gotten the ChinoCam in a while, nor the accompanying requisite grey tones. Ryan drives as the soundtrack softly sings about finding a way back home. He enters a job site which is all very Flashdance, and by that I mean there's lots of welding, as opposed to people running around in off-the-shoulder sweatshirts. Ryan finds Eddie, who suggests that it was a really long drive for Ryan just to come say hello. Ryan admits that he wasn't honest in their previous conversation. They head to a back room together, where Eddies does lots of frustrated sighing and head rolls. He asks why Ryan lied to him, and Ryan says he doesn't know. Ryan emphatically refutes that Theresa is staying with him, insisting that she's working, as her mother said. Eddie grumbles that he popped the question and she ran away...straight to Ryan.

Meanwhile, Mischa Barton is busy attempting to express convincing "surprise" at the fact that Theresa is contemplating marriage. Marissa suggests that Theresa must love Eddie a lot; Theresa doesn't answer.

Eddie asks if Ryan loves Theresa, and Ryan says he doesn't know. But Eddie knows! He does! He wants to take care of Theresa -- does Ryan? Can Ryan? Eddie knows this is a tough situation and he can't tell Ryan what to do, but if Ryan wanted to, he could convince Theresa to come back home. But if not, Ryan had better be prepared to fight for her, because Eddie's not just going to walk away! He pats Ryan on the back, and dismisses him for the long ride back, condescendingly telling him he's got a lot to think about.

Theresa is telling some long-winded story about her mother's church and a stained-glass window featuring a saint (named Theresa, of course) whose heart is being pierced by the arrow of an angel. For some reason, Theresa seems to think this is a happy picture. As she begins talking about her First Communion, white dress, and gloves, we cut back to ChinoCam. We cut back and forth between Ryan pensively looking out the window, and Theresa telling Marissa that she used to hope one day someone would pierce her heart, and that she'd walk down the aisle in a real white dress and feel happy. She knows it sounds lame, because life isn't like that; you can't get caught up in wishing for something that won't happen -- you have to hang onto the next best thing. With that, Theresa announces that she should go call Eddie, and Marissa heads back to school.

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