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Theresa packs and attempts to call Eddie, but a knock at the door leads her to drop the phone on the bed. It's Ryan, and Theresa steps outside to explain that she's going back home because it seems like the right thing to do. He agrees that she needs to do what's right for her and Eddie, just as he needs to figure out what's right for him and Marissa. She agrees, and they look away from each other. He moves closer and asks with urgency in his voice why, if it's the right thing to do, he doesn't want her to go. She responds, "And why don't I want to go?" Ryan whispers, "I can think of a reason." And that reason is a kiss! She looks happy, and the camera pans back inside the hotel room to the telephone on the bed; we hear Eddie's frustrated voice saying, "Hello? Hello? Theresa, you there? Theresa?" Oops.

Next time on The O.C., Luke calls Lady Heather "hot," and Jimmy looks suspicious; Caleb enlightens Kirsten about Uncle Sean; Marissa can't compete with Theresa; and Eddie beats on Ryan at a fancy party. Also, Anna's going back to Pittsburgh, but not before Seth chases her through the airport!

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