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Tinkle tinkle tink. Tinkle tinkle tink. Tinkle tinkle tinkle tink. California here we come!

Back from the break, we're still at Harbor. Seth has thankfully removed the Members Only jacket he was wearing moments ago to reveal a simple bright blue polo. It's quite handsome. He's also wearing pants, so don't go getting too excited, girls and select boys. Seth and Ryan and Summer and Marissa face off in their usual pairs. Some Brad guy approaches and asks if he can talk with Summer, and Seth snits that he didn't recognize Brad outside his Speedo. He thinks this over and qualifies, "Not that I'd recognize you in the Speedo." Hee. Summer laughs exaggeratedly, and hobbles off after Brad. Either they're sporting some major continuity for once and she's still injured from her sex bout with Seth, or Rachel Bilson can't walk in those shoes. Seth pouts and trails after them, leaving behind the awkwardness that is Marissa and Ryan. She asks how he is; he pauses, stares vacantly, and says he's late before scurrying away.

Cut to Summer's conversation with Brad; Seth stands on a step below them, looking horrified. Brad explains that the water polo team is doing a kissing-booth fundraiser and are "looking for a girl who's comfortable being paid to make out with a bunch of guys." Naturally, he thought of her. Summer manages to be flattered by this, and agrees enthusiastically. After Brad leaves, Seth whines that he talked to Summer like Seth wasn't even there; does Brad even know Seth and Summer are going out? Summer points out that it's not like Brad wants her to kiss her; he just wants her to kiss lots of other guys for money! Seth isn't loving this explanation, but Summer just promises to see Seth that night, flirtatiously adding that he can help her practice. She leaves, and Anna materializes. Seth greets her half-heartedly as she snits that it didn't take long for him and Summer to get together. He considers attempting an excuse, but goes with the more earnest apology. She lets him off the hook because she saw it coming, which is why she broke up with him. He inquires about Pittsburgh, and she sweetly says it was good to be home, leading him to enthuse over the hometown of Andy Warhol, Mr. Rogers, and ketchup: "How can you compete with that?" She agrees, and announces that she got a tuna melt at her favorite diner, saw Some Kind of Wonderful (shout-out!), flossed exactly six hundred and twenty seven times, and hung out with her friends. Seth thinks it sounds awesome, and she sadly says she didn't realize how much she missed her friends.

Newport Group. Kirsten, we find out, has apparently not made amends with the wardrobe department since last week. The white suit is fine, but what's with the S&M collar underneath? And at the office, no less! Around her father! Caleb tells her that someone named Sean was arrested the night before; he drunkenly stumbled into another guest's hotel room at the St. Regis. Kirsten points out that Sean has been stumbling around drunk since he met Caleb in, appropriately enough, a bar; she offers to have someone from the legal department handle it. Caleb, however, was thinking she might ask Sandy. And unless it's a vestige from Lady Heather's decorating, the cowboy on the rearing horse bronze sculpture in the background is no better than the genitalia-clutching frog fountain. Kirsten thinks Caleb is joking about using Sandy, but he's not; he points out that Sandy knows people in the DA's office and would be able to make the problem go away. Kirsten insists that Sandy will never do it, and Caleb asks if that's solely because he wouldn't want to do a favor for Caleb. When Kirsten concedes that it is, Caleb suggests that she tell Sandy it would mean a lot to her. She responds that it would mean a lot to her, but that it would mean a lot to Sandy if Caleb asked him directly.

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