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Summer and Seth make out in her bed, and she points out that it's so much better when it's just the two of them. Have there been more than two of them at any point? When Seth asks why she ignored him at school, she says she didn't, which she amends to admit, "Okay. Maybe a little." She continues that she wants their relationship to be private because she doesn't like other people knowing her business. She rambles on about the pressure and scrutiny of being in the spotlight, and Seth's all, "What spotlight?" Undeterred, she goes on about being this week's hot couple, but then the world will get sick of them with their shopping sprees and strip clubs! People will turn against them! Juicy sweat suits! The goatee! Then, the movie bombs and the wedding is called off! She comes down from her mania to insist sweetly that she won't let that happen to them because what they have is special. Seth scrunches his face up into the beginnings of an objection, but she silences him by pulling him under the covers.

The Big House. Marissa and Ryan play videogames. She loses and concludes, "Guess I'm not very good," which is a statement that could be applied to many more things than videogames. She challenges him to a rematch, and he grimaces that he should start his homework. She should too, she says, since Jimmy is waiting for her. They mutually wonder why it's so weird for them to be together. When Ryan points out that they used to "hang out all the time and --" she cuts him off to finish, "Make out?" He jokingly suggests that they could always fight about Luke, and she adds, "Or Oliver!" This is followed by a distinct lack of laughter as Ryan clears his throat and Marissa apologizes awkwardly. Theresa is led into the room by Rosa, who is grinning from ear to ear because there's actually another unincarcerated Hispanic person in Newport. Theresa uncomfortably greets them, and then offers to come back later since she's early. Ryan urges her not to go, and Marissa finally gets a clue and says she was just leaving, but not before weirdly warning Theresa that Ryan has a lot of homework. The girls agree that it's good to see each other, but obviously not so much. Theresa happily claims Marissa's place on the couch, groaning, "Oh, the ninja game? You're dead!"

Meanwhile in the kitchen, we join Sandy and Kirsten mid-conversation as Sandy ponders how odd it is that he's never met Sean, since he's Kirsten's uncle. Kirsten says that he's not really her uncle, and that he works all the time. Sandy asks what Sean does for the company, and Kirsten says he's a consultant. When Sandy jokingly wonders if she could be more vague, Kirsten explains, "He knows people," to which Sandy's all, "You did it! That was more vague!" Hee. Kirsten adds that Sean works with the permit people and the union guys -- he's their "liaison." Sandy offers an emphatic "uh huh" at this revelation, and then says that he looked over the report and made some calls; he should hear back tonight.

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