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A sweet-sounding song plays as Ryan walks through the patio/lunch area at Harbor School. He joins Marissa, and they fuss over apologizing to each other. He says he should have told her that Theresa was coming, and she says he didn't have to, but that he could have since they're friends now. She asks about Theresa, and he explains that she's back in town working through the end of the week. When Marissa asks if she's staying with Ryan, he explains that she's at the motel. Marissa suggests that they have their remake next week, and makes some crack I don't get about her nunchucks skills. ["In reference to the ninja-themed videogame they were playing earlier, presumably." -- Wing Chun]

Anna -- who has apparently just been through the car wash and for once while not wearing a ridiculous cap -- and Seth stroll together down a pathway. She asks if he talked to Summer yesterday, and he says he did; they talked about school, sports, and the weather, but he's particularly "fond of the part where she's ashamed of [him] now." Anna shakes her head in dismay as Seth lays a hand on her shoulder and asks if she wants to say something "very wise and helpful." When Anna refuses, Seth asks whether she really has nothing for him -- no advice? Because he thought it looked like she did. She groaningly asks why she does this, and he responds, "Because you're so wise, Anna. You can't not." Anna relents and says he needs to take a stand; he can't let Summer get away with the way she's acting because that will give her something real to be ashamed of: a cowardly boyfriend. Brad chooses this opportune moment to plow into Seth and keep on walking; Summer follows closely behind him, explaining that she's going to help with the kissing booth because she loves to help! She leaves, and Seth mumbles, "Right. Coward. Got it."

At The Only Other Restaurant in Orange County, Seth discovers Uncle Sean, who explains that he let himself in the back way. Sandy's all, "It's what you do!" They make small talk about Robert Mitchum who, according to Sean, used to visit The Only Other Restaurant in Orange County with his wife; they had a favorite booth and liked the chicken parm. Sandy announces that he, too, is "partial to the parm," as well as the blended scotch that Sean has helped himself to. Sean jokes, "And Caleb keeps saying you have no redeeming qualities!" Sandy gets to the point: he has a couple of questions for Sean. As it turns out, the plaintiff in Sean's case is in the construction business, too; he's a lumber supplier and was in town negotiating with one of the Newport Group's biggest rivals. As Sandy exposits that the room Sean "accidentally" stumbled into must have contained some very valuable documents, Sean punctuates his dialogue with outbursts of "Imagine that!" and "You think?" Sandy's delivery, by the way, has a very "Mrs. Peacock in the den with the candlestick" ring to it. He gets up in Sean's face as he asks whether he and the DA's office are really supposed to believe that a "bellyful of liquor or wild coincidence" put Sean in that room. He yelps that Sean was there for Caleb, and Sean laughs it off as an interesting theory, and then menaces that he hopes Sandy won't explore it too much because he and Caleb have been friends for years, and if he were to sit down with the DA, who knows what they would talk about? Sean is all smiles throughout this conversation. Sandy? Not so much.

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