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The Honeymoon Is Over

And while this show may consider itself risqué, they still can't bring themselves to have a character say the word "abortion." Instead, we see Theresa reading a pamphlet which declares, "The Truth about Abortion." Kirsten walks her through the next day's schedule, while Theresa looks unhappy. They appear to be drinking lemonade, and I cannot imagine a drink that goes less well with a frank discussion of abortion. We also see that on the table are marigolds, which in a previous recap I apparently mistook for carnations. They must have busted those out when they noticed Theresa coming, because a Newport restaurant would only have roses or lilies or some other upscale flower on its tables. Kirsten finishes out her summation by exclaiming that "everyone there seems really nice." What a totally random thing to say; I'm sure the first thing on Theresa's mind is whether the nurse will give her a lollipop or validate her parking when she leaves. Theresa ignores the randomness and says instead that she can't believe she's doing this. When Kirsten points out that she doesn't have to, Theresa announces that she does because she's still in high school -- or should be in high school, as she points out; on that matter, would the Cohens really harbor a high-school dropout? Is that even legal? Theresa adds that she only makes eleven dollars in tips a day, so it's not like having a baby makes the most sense. When Kirsten counters that Theresa doesn't have to base her decision on what makes the most sense, Theresa scoffs to hear this from Kirsten, who has such a perfect, together life. Kirsten's face freezes up as she chokes out that nothing's perfect and that sometimes, "things...just...happen." Theresa -- who is suddenly as dense as Marissa -- responds, "Yeah, but never to someone like you, right?" Kirsten stares blankly while Theresa does the math. She apologizes, but Kirsten cuts her off to say it's okay and that she doesn't regret her decision, but that she wishes that when she was trying to choose, someone had been there for her. Aw, poor Kirsten. She adds that whatever Theresa decides, the Cohens are there for her.

Back at the pool house, Theresa lights a candle, although it appears that only one candle has made the trip to The Big House for Wayward Chino Near-Adults, as opposed to the seventeen thousand candles she surrounded herself with at The Mermaid. Ryan asks how she's feeling, and she admits that she's "pretty lousy." She asks whether he "remember[s] that part last night about [her] not having the baby." Ryan thinks really hard about it, but draws a blank; between eating lunch with Marissa and going to the boat with Seth, he only remembers the important parts -- like the fact that he was wearing a brown shirt. After that, it's a complete wash. Okay, so he remembers, but what a dumb way for her to ask that question. He looks wary as she adds that as hard as it is to imagine having a baby, it's even harder to imagine not having it. Ryan concludes that she's going to have the baby, and she insists that she has to. She hugs him, while he makes a vomit face. If you don't know what a vomit face is, go back and rewatch the episode -- there's your definition.

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