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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

Pool house. Ryan is sullenly reading when there's a knock at the door. It doesn't seem entirely possible that one could read sullenly, but Benjamin McKenzie can. The knocker is Sandy, narrating that Dr. Kim called to inform Sandy and Kirsten that Ryan has been indefinitely suspended until the disciplinary committee can figure out whether to expel him. Ryan can't look Sandy in the eye (because of both emotional and physical hindrances -- Ryan's pride and Sandy's giant eyebrows) as he mumbles that he knows Sandy wants him to say he's sorry, but that he's not, because Oliver admitted right to Ryan's face that he wanted Ryan gone so that he could get to Marissa. Sandy -- who doesn't seem so much incredulous as earnestly inquisitive -- asks why Oliver dropped the assault charges again him, then? Sandy swaggers into the room -- and Peter Gallagher sure can bring the swagger; he'd rock Chicago -- pointing out that if Oliver wanted him gone, wouldn't Ryan already be back in juvie? Sandy gets all up in Ryan's face as Ryan insists that Oliver is dangerous. In the background, the Chino Chimes of Challenged Children commence. Sandy isn't satisfied with Ryan's explanation, and flatly states what he knows: Ryan attacked Oliver when Ryan was already on probation and fully aware that the slighted infraction would result in being taken away, yet he did it anyway. Sandy can't understand, and urges Ryan to talk to him. Ryan mutters that Sandy won't believe him, and Sandy proclaims that it's not about what he believes, although he wishes it were; it's about what Ryan did. He curtly says that the next time Ryan feels like punching, he'd better talk instead, because that's what Sandy's there for. I wonder if Peter Gallagher's eyebrows get their own stage direction. Or their own trailer, for that matter. They furrow as Sandy rubs them, blinks, and asks what he's supposed to do. He can't ground Ryan, and he's "not gonna chain [him] to the wall," which is a good thing, since that would just be another route toward the same end result of his being taken away. One would hope, anyway. As a frustrated Sandy leaves, he announces that if Ryan wants to go after Oliver, the door's open. But if Ryan wants to stay and be part of the family, he can't go anywhere unless Sandy or Kirsten agrees. Ryan looks confused and maybe just a little bit pleased that someone cares.


We return from commercial to a montage of Ryan sitting in the pool house and standing in the pool house and lying in bed in the pool house and reading books and magazines in the pool house and doing sit-ups in the pool house. More sit-ups, please! But next time, in the wifebeater! Meanwhile, the soundtrack singer grumbles about not having time and not giving a damn. Sounds like Chino Ryan has found an anthem!

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