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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

Marissa runs to Oliver (because she's stupid), where she attempts to bust the door down with her fists (because she's stupid). She tearfully asks if he minds if she stays there tonight (because she's stupid). She can't even walk in a door believably, though (because she's stupid). The closing door performs more convincingly.

Ryan is back to lying spread-eagle on the bed, and in many houses across the world, fantasies are being fulfilled. Sandy enters bearing coffee, but it's Ryan's turn to look delightfully rumpled. Sandy sits, and the Chino Chimes of Challenged Children commence. Ryan admits that he shouldn't have gone to Marissa's house the night before, and Sandy asks if Ryan wants to talk about it. Ryan says he doesn't, really. Sandy gasps Ryan's name and promises to do everything to help him, but he can't if Ryan doesn't tell him what's going on! Kirsten has chosen this time to bring Ryan coffee, too. She announces that Luke's waiting for him; Ryan thanks them and leaves the room, his head bowed.

Ryan and Luke play slappy hands in the foyer as Luke asks how it went the previous night. Ryan reveals that Marissa didn't believe him and ran away. Luke's ready to chase Marissa to Oliver's, leading Ryan to ask what will happen then; if Marissa wants to be with Oliver, she'll be with Oliver. Luke can't believe Ryan's just going to give up, but Ryan doesn't think he has any other choice because she won't listen to a word he says. Luke's all, "Well, she's gonna listen to me!" He does some random grapevine-type footwork up the foyer steps. Get the man a top hat and a cane, and he's good to go. Ryan sits down, and continues to work the sweatpants.

At the penthouse, Oliver is rambling on about massages and the many hotel suites he has in Los Angeles and London and Paris. Oliver, really, should not have such problems making friends. Marissa sighs her wish to go to Paris, and Oliver says they can because it's only fifteen hours away! When Marissa points out that they have to be back by Monday, Oliver gets all defensive and says she should just say if she doesn't want to go. Marissa insists that she does want to go, but that she can't. Oliver argues that she's been saying she needs to get away, and this way it will just be him and her in Paris! This elicits bigger bug eyes than usual from Marissa. Oliver tells Marissa not to answer her cell phone when it rings, because it's probably Lady Heather. She picks up when she sees it's Luke; he asks where she is and if she's okay, and then launches into how there's no Natalie and Ryan was right. Marissa tells him not to start, and then orders him to go to Lady Heather's house, pick up her clothes, and tell Lady Heather she's fine. And according to the dictionary, "cloTHes" is an acceptable pronunciation, but it's really just not. Oliver is not pleased by this latest development, and repeats that Marissa doesn't have to stay. Marissa insists that she will, but says she can't fly to Paris right now. Oliver is sufficiently appeased, and admits that it's cold in Paris now anyway; they'll go in the spring.

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