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At the Newport Group, Kirsten wears an ugly jacket with a nehru collar. She must have done something really bad to the wardrobe people. She surveys the room and pronounces it "Unbelievable." Lady Heather suddenly pops up from behind a couch, whining that Kirsten shouldn't look because the office isn't finished and she wanted her to be surprised on Monday. Kirsten proclaims the room gorgeous, and says she can't believe Lady Heather did all of it today. Lady Heather admits that she was supposed to have Marissa for the weekend, and then Caleb didn't call all day, so she decided to work to take her mind off things. She asks if Kirsten has heard from Caleb; Kirsten admits that she has, and that he "doesn't like confrontation." She tells Lady Heather to sit down, and Lady Heather fairly quickly concludes, "Is he breaking up with me? Or, are you doing it for him?" Kirsten makes a series of unattractive faces instead of answering the question. Caleb chooses this inopportune time to show up, announcing that he saw Kirsten's car in the parking lot. He obviously missed Lady Heather's. He greets Lady Heather with a less-than-enthusiastic "Hello, darling." He glances between the two women, and then lies that he tried to call Lady Heather earlier. She snits at him not to bother, because Kirsten already did his dirty work since he's obviously "not man enough" to do it himself. Caleb apologizes as Lady Heather tells him he should be sorry, since she deserves so much better from him! From both of them! She tells him to enjoy his office, because she quits!

Back at The Big House, the camera zooms in on a cartoon on the television. Seth now sits wedged between Anna and Summer on the couch. Sandy enters, all, "Hello, ladies," to which Seth grumbles, "Dad, don't call me a lady." Hee. Anna sweetly greets him as "Mr. Cohen," while Summer goes straight for the disconcerting "Sandy." Anna doesn't like that any more than Sandy does. Sandy determines that the "comic-book education continues," and Anna pipes up that they're watching Batman: The Animated Series. Seth adds, "Yes! Girls' night out! In which Batgirl and Supergirl team combat the forces of evil, and delight Seth Cohen!" Summer snipes over Supergirl's Doc Marten's, and Seth pats her arm repeatedly as he equally admires Supergirl's midriff-baring t-shirt and miniskirt. Summer calls him a "superperv." Sandy and Anna are equally amused by this dalliance. Which is to say not at all. Sandy asks Seth to join him in the kitchen, in a tone that's not so much "asks" as "tells." Seth stomps into the Beautiful Blue Bedroom, and his arms look absurdly long in this scene. They're practically dragging on the ground. I'm guessing Plasticman isn't next in the screenings.

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