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Seth asks what he did, and Sandy squeals that he "hurt that poor girl's feelings." Seth assumes he means Summer, and Sandy corrects him, saying he's talking about Anna. When Seth points out that he didn't say a word to Anna, Sandy's all, "Exactly!" He asks how Seth thinks it makes Anna feel to watch him flirting with another girl right in front of her. Seth insists that he wasn't flirting, and that he and Summer are just friends. But that's not what it looked like to Sandy! Seth declares that they're not talking about this anymore, and Sandy snits that of course they're not talking about it, because no one's talking to him about anything lately! Seth pissily asks why they're still talking about it, and Sandy argues that, as Seth's father, he's responsible for him, and if he sees something is wrong, he'll say so. Seth makes an "aha" face, and asks if this is about Ryan. Sandy flatly says, "No. It's about you." Seth suggests that "just in case it's a little bit about Ryan," Seth thinks Ryan will come to Sandy when he's ready. Seth pats Sandy's arm; Sandy pats Seth's back. I think Seth got off a little too easy on that one.

At the Cooper House, a weepy Lady Heather answers the door to find Luke, chasing down Marissa's things. As she packs up stuff for Marissa (and who would pack a bag to be delivered to her runaway daughter instead of just going to drag the runaway daughter home?), Luke lies on Marissa's bed and flips a stuffed animal around in his hands. Lady Heather sniffles around the room, showing midriff, although it's less "midriff" and more "lowerdriff." Lady Heather announces that she's impressed that Luke and Marissa are still friends, to which Luke says he's impressed Marissa forgave him. Lady Heather hopes that one day Marissa will forgive her, too. When Luke asks what Marissa has to forgive, Lady Heather points out that she hasn't been the best mom, wife, or girlfriend, (although only the "mom" part really applies to Marissa). Luke asks about Caleb, and Lady Heather admits that it's over, sniveling that within six months she's lost her husband, daughter, boyfriend, and job. Considering two of the four were also acquired within the past six months, it's not that impressive a list. Lady Heather asks herself why she's telling Luke all this, and he insists that it's okay -- the past few months have been rough on everyone. He rises to his feet, and they stand face to face as she thanks him for listening and laments that she hasn't had anyone to talk to in so long. They stare at each other. He looks at her lips. He sweetly says she can talk to him, even though he doesn't know what good it will do. He smiles. She smiles. She leans in for a hug and an air kiss on the cheek. He looks at her lips some more. And then some more. Lady Heather cocks her head curiously to the side, considering the situation, and then abruptly pulls back to tell Luke he should go, because Marissa's waiting. He stops looking at her lips, grabs Marissa's bag, and dashes out of the room.

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