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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

Marissa struts up to the hotel's concierge desk, where she introduces herself by name and as Oliver's guest because she's Marissa Cooper and everyone wants to know everything about her; she asks if a bag was dropped off for her. The concierge, who just looks off somehow -- like she's wearing a wig and glasses or something -- is wearing a nametag identifying her as "Natalie." I know it's no "Jennifer," but "Natalie" isn't the most uncommon name in the world, so there's not quite good reason yet for the menacing music to flare as the camera zooms in on the tag and Marissa's eyes widen. When Marissa asks if Natalie knows Oliver, she admits that she used to babysit Oliver, and cracks some joke about Marissa's not wanting to know how old she is. Marissa clearly doesn't want to know how old she is; instead, she wants to know if Natalie's last name is "Bishop." It is, and either Marissa is very surprised, or a bellhop just walked by and pinched her butt.

We cut to Marissa reentering the penthouse (because she's stupid) as Oliver emerges from the shower. He asks where she's been, since he's been calling her cell. Marissa (because she's stupid) announces that the weirdest thing just happened: the concierge's name is Natalie Bishop, too! Just like Oliver's ex-girlfriend. She asks (because she's stupid), "How weird is that?" Plenty weird. But not nearly as weird as Marissa is stupid (because she's...well, very stupid). Oliver advances toward her. He knows what she's thinking! He can explain! Marissa figures out that there is no girlfriend and turns to leave, but Oliver grabs both her hands and spins her back toward him. He commences the "I always do this!" Rain Man routine, while Marissa screams at him. Why can't he do Tom Cruise for once? Marissa finally manages to calm him down, assuring him that she's not going anywhere. She sends him back to the bedroom to change his clothes, because jeans and a t-shirt are apparently not acceptable fashion choices for the mentally ill. Then, instead of hightailing it for the door (because she's stupid), she scrambles for her purse and cell phone to call Ryan.

We cut to the pool house, where Ryan is still lolling around on the bed. Marissa's panicked voice snaps him out of his own angst, as she whines that she can't talk, but that Ryan was right! Oliver won't let her leave! And she won't let herself leave, either! Because the door's right there and yet she's wasting time on the phone chatting with her boyfriend! Oliver stomps back out of the bedroom, waving a gun around and commanding her to "please" hang up. He takes the phone from Marissa, all, "Bye, Ryan," and then hangs up.

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