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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

Ryan, looking exhausted, enters the pool house, where Seth greets him from his bed. Seth's been looking for his copy of The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, which Ryan says he's reading because Seth said Ryan couldn't be his friend otherwise. Seth asks if he finished it yet, and Ryan responds that he's been distracted. Seth tells him it's a good story: the tale of two men who couldn't be more different, and who learn to overcome their differences: "They team up and essentially...become brothers, not unlike you and me." Aw. Seth then announces that he blew it. When Ryan assures him that it's okay, Seth rebuts that it's not. Ever since Ryan got to Newport, he's had Seth's back; he apologizes, promising that he'll never fail Ryan again. Ryan, not one for the dramatic displays of affection, doesn't respond, and so Seth asks if he wants to talk about his night. He stops and says he's already heard it, so maybe Ryan would prefer to hear about his breakup with Anna instead? Ryan asks if Anna broke up with him, and Seth asks why Ryan would assume that Anna did the breaking? Ryan asks if she didn't. Seth admits that she did, but complains, "You're supposed to have my back." The camera pans outward to show, through the glass panes of the pool house, the two boys sitting side by side, deep in discussion.

Adam Brody delivers a PSA and so shall I: if you are overwhelmed by feelings of depression and/or thoughts of suicide, call 1-800-SUICIDE. It's not the most hopeful acronym of a telephone number, but it's to the point, I suppose.

Next time on The O.C., Seth tells Summer it's always been her, and there's kissing! Sandy calls himself "the master" at the girl stuff, causing Kirsten to snort laugher. Also, Marissa gets bangs, and Luke calls Lady Heather an "amazing girl-woman."

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