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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

At The Newport Group, Kirsten and Sandy eat in silence. Actually, they don't eat at all; Sandy just sits in front of a plateful of food, while Kirsten gesticulates with a fork. When Sandy asks whether he made a mistake, Kirsten assumes that he means by leaving Ryan home alone, but Sandy clarifies that he means taking Ryan home at all. No. No! Kirsten rebuts that Ryan's a good kid; he may not be perfect, but they'll work it out. Sandy wonders whoever would have thought she'd be the one telling him that. Kirsten has a pink bra under her slinky black suit, and while she's physically working it, it's more Rachel than Kirsten.

Sandy and Kirsten's conversation is interrupted by six men in blue jumpsuits, who clomp into the room, surprised to find Kirsten. As they reveal that they have a work order from Lady Heather, she trails into the room carrying a vase of flowers and expressing dismay at Kirsten's presence, because she said she was going to lunch. Sandy explains that they ordered in instead and offers, "Deli?" Kirsten demands to know what's going on, and Lady Heather happily explains that as the firm's new design director, she's giving the office a facelift. She also calls Kirsten "Kiki," which we know she knows Kirsten hates. She enthuses that Kirsten will love her new furniture, which Lady Heather explains is "very fresh; very Danish; very hello!" Kirsten snits that Lady Heather can't initiate a redesign without the necessary approvals, and Lady Heather counters that Caleb said it was okay. In the background, Sandy's all, "Oh, if Caleb said it was okay!"

As Kirsten chases after her coffee table, Caleb blusters into the room, announcing that "some man in a jumpsuit" just made off with his massage chair, and he wants it back. Lady Heather claims that by the time they get back from lunch, it will be fixed. She asks if the others want to join her and Caleb for lunch, because they're "celebrating her new position." Sandy says he's not going to touch that one. We see that he's leaning against the window, which has some kind of bizarre, incredibly fake-looking, jungle-like backdrop. It's like "The Veldt" or something. If Lady Heather starts yelling for help out there, Kirsten and Sandy had better run the other way. In Lady Heather's wake, Kirsten holds her lunch and spins in circles in the center of the room, bemoaning all the work she has to do. Sandy parrots that she shouldn't worry because -- as she said herself -- everything will be fine. What isn't fine, however, are the suntan-colored hose Kirsten is sporting in this scene.

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