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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

Pool house. Ryan's Anthem. He reads. He looks at the clock. He stares at his brand-new phone, probably purchased just for a recurrent emergency in which he and Seth get locked in.

Back at the Harbor School, Oliver begs Marissa to let him take her away. She whines that she can't, but that even if she could, she should pay his way because he wouldn't have gotten hurt if it wasn't for her. He counters that it was Ryan's fault, not Marissa's, and then blahs on about therapy and being responsible for our own actions. We're spared further psychobabble by Luke, who joins them at the table. Oliver asks him to help convince Marissa to go to Mammoth with them. Luke skeptically asks who's going, and Marissa explains that she's not, because she'll be with Lady Heather. Oliver adds that it means she'll also be near Ryan, which isn't good for her. Luke takes out his aggressions toward Oliver on the cap of a water bottle and asks whether that decision isn't up to Marissa. Marissa lamely cuts in to say that it's not a big deal, and that she'll be fine. Still, Oliver offers to get Marissa and Lady Heather a suite at his hotel for the weekend, so that he can be nearby and she won't have to think about Ryan. The ringing of Marissa's phone interrupts the conversation, and Oliver deduces from her wide eyes that it's Ryan. Luke can't believe she's not going to get it, and Oliver explains that she's not talking to Ryan right now. Luke's all, "Is she talkin' to me, or are you doing all of her talking from now on?" Hee. Oliver looks perplexed at Luke's outburst, and Marissa announces that she's just going to go, which is really a good way to handle the fact that the two boys are fighting over her. Luke tells her just to stay and enjoy her lunch, and then storms off. When Oliver apologizes for getting overprotective, Marissa cuts him off to say that it's fine. She heads off to go get dessert, and to give Oliver a chance to steal her phone and delete Ryan's message, in which he asks Marissa to meet him after school. ["Maybe Marissa wouldn't have that problem if she invested in a cell phone that required a password before granting access to one's mailbox." -- Wing Chun]

Seth and Anna walk together down a path, as Anna cheerfully asks what he wants to do first -- comic books or frozen yogurt? He asks if she'd mind waiting to do either, because he's going to go home and check on Ryan. She agrees that it's a good idea, and offers up her company. Seth doesn't look pleased, because while he likes the sailing, he's not much for the barnacles. (In other words, girl is clingy.) Summer suddenly appears, hopefully asking where they're going. Seth explains that they were talking about going to the comic-book store, which is weird, since they just finished talking about not going to the comic-book store. Summer thinks it over, then hurriedly asks if she can come; Seth's all, "To the comic-book store?" When Seth and Anna express their disbelief that she likes comics, Summer tells them, "Believe it or not, Betty and Veronica had a huge influence on me." Anna believes it; Seth does, too. Summer explains that since Marissa is with Oliver, Summer has a whole afternoon to kill. Seth and Anna shift around awkwardly before Seth elbows Anna into inviting Summer to join them. As Anna adds that Seth was going to check on Ryan, we see that his attention is focused elsewhere. The camera pans over to show Ryan stomping across the Harbor School parking lot. Seth rushes to intercept him, and Ryan explains that he's meeting Marissa. Seth says that's fine, "But...but here? In broad daylight in front of God and Dr. Kim and everyone, man?" When Ryan says that Marissa's not returning his calls and this is the only place to see her, Seth asks if Marissa knows about this meeting. Ryan earnestly claims that, of all people, Seth should believe in him, because he's always believed in Seth. Aw. Seth preaches that Marissa is a "big girl," and that Ryan can't go around telling her whom to hang out with, to which Ryan again rants about Oliver being dangerous and violent and unstable. He points out the restraining order and the fact that unless Natalie lives in Niagara Falls, she doesn't exist, to which Seth's all, "I'm sure he's not making up girlfriends!" Ryan insists that Oliver is crazy, and Seth acts just like Sandy when he says that although that may be true, "this Mission: Impossible act [Ryan's] pulling? It's not the way to make [his] case!" Ryan storms off angrily.

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