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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

Ryan waits for Marissa in the library stacks, but it's Oliver who shows up instead. He announces that Marissa isn't coming, and lies that she asked him to tell Ryan not to call or try to see her; if he does, she'll get a restraining order against him. Ryan's all, "Really. What was that like?" Hee. Oliver continues that it's not his fault Marissa doesn't want to see him, and then starts reciting the words to some country song I don't know about stealing, lying, and the beating up of best friends. Ryan announces that he would do it again -- right now, in fact. Oliver isn't deterred by this threat; he points out that he didn't press charges, and claims he's just trying to help Ryan, but that if Ryan keeps this up, no one will be able to save him. He instructs Ryan just to give it up, because it's over. As Oliver leaves, Ryan yells to his departing back that "it hasn't even begun."

At The Big House, Kirsten rages on the phone about the state of her office. We see that her work is spread all over the kitchen counter. Sandy enters, looking confused; he asks if she's seen the coffee. Kirsten doesn't appreciate the joke, because she has no place to work! Sandy counters that he has no place to eat! But really. They live in a palace, and the only spare place Kirsten can work is at the kitchen counter? How about the dining-room table? Or one of the other thirty-three empty rooms they undoubtedly have? ["If they can't find room for Ryan in the manse, I suppose it's possible that Kirsten doesn't have a home office. (Possible, not plausible.)" -- Wing Chun] Kirsten rants that it's only Lady Heather's first day on the job and she's already displaced half the staff and alienated the other half. She's driving everyone crazy! Sandy is also being driven crazy, and begs Kirsten to talk with Lady Heather before he starves to death. Kirsten's all, "You can't talk to [Lady Heather]. She's...[Lady Heather]!" Sandy suggests that Kirsten talk to Caleb, then, but Kirsten insists that she can't, because he'll think she's just jealous. She asks if Sandy minds if she works out of the house, to which he grunts his ambiguous assent or lack thereof.

A self-conscious Ryan enters the kitchen looking for coffee, and Kirsten invites him in like he's a guest. Ouch. After he leaves, Kirsten rushes to tell Sandy that Seth said Ryan didn't leave the pool house the previous day, and maybe they're being too hard on him. So despite his jerkiness, Seth is at least covering for Ryan's trip to the Harbor School yesterday. It's slightly redeeming. Sandy insists that they've "gotta hang tough." Sadly, he does not put on arm above his back, raise the other above his head and swing it back and forth, rapping, "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. Are you tough enough?" Sandy insists that it's for Ryan's own good, and Kirsten asks why she feels so bad, then.

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