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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

A knock at the door heralds Lady Heather's entrance. Apparently, she just lost a paintball game and hasn't yet had time to change her shirt. She plows into the room, expressing disbelief that Kirsten isn't dressed yet and suggesting that they carpool from now on, since they're neighbors. Mid-ramble about the latest EPA figures and their effect on the environment, Lady Heather spots Sandy lurking in the kitchen, and announces that she can see him hiding in there. Hee. Caught, Sandy spins to say he's not hiding; he's just making himself presentable. She laughs that he shouldn't go to any trouble because of her, and he's all, "Don't worry!" When Kirsten explains that she was going to work from home today because of the state of her office, Sandy runs in to point out breathlessly that she was supposed to meet with Caleb today "to talk about the...the thing." Kirsten insists that it can wait, but Sandy counters that Lady Heather can wait, as well. He ushers Kirsten off to shower, declaring that he'll get Lady Heather some coffee. She's already on her way into the kitchen, claiming that she can get her own and asking, "Is it flavored?" Sandy curtly responds in the negative, and then gestures wildly at Kirsten to go. And either Adam Brody was perfectly cast as Peter Gallagher's son or Peter Gallagher was perfectly cast as Adam Brody's father or they're both sublime actors because -- especially in this episode -- they act very much alike.

Lady Heather reads the paper in the Cohens' back yard. Lady Heather is so not a paper reader, unless she's reading the society pages, which she's not. She lowers the paper to find Ryan staring at her. When he explains that he's not in school because he's been suspended, she asks whom he beat up this time -- Dr. Kim? When Ryan concludes that she and Marissa must not have talked in a while, Lady Heather reveals that she'll be spending the weekend with Marissa. Ryan expresses some surprise at this news, and Lady Heather comments that Ryan must not have talked to Marissa in a while, either. Ryan takes a seat and passionately says that he knows he and Lady Heather haven't always agreed on Marissa, but that Lady Heather should keep Marissa away from Oliver, who isn't well. Lady Heather stares at him before sweetly asking, "Really?" She dramatically pauses before finishing, "The boy who lives in the pool house is warning me about the boy who lives in the penthouse?" Ryan rolls his eyes, and then explains that Oliver locks into a girl, thinks she can make everything okay, and then loses it when she doesn't. Lady Heather groans that she's "not getting involved in the throes of teenage romance." Not yet, anyway. She does manage to look concerned when Ryan mentions the wrist-slitting and cocaine bust in Oliver's past. The conversation is interrupted by Kirsten; Lady Heather leaves, but not before snidely telling Ryan to stay out of trouble.

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