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Meanwhile, at Harbor School, Oliver asks Marissa what Lady Heather said about Mammoth; Marissa reveals that she didn't ask her yet. When Oliver looks dismayed, Marissa laughingly explains that she tries to talk to her mom as little as possible. Oliver doesn't find it so funny, and huffs that if Marissa doesn't want to hang out with him, she just needs to tell him. She insists that there's nothing she'd rather do than blow everything off to hang out with Oliver. He suggests that they just do it, then! Blow everything off! Go to L.A.! Have lunch at the Ivy! Do the Getty! Stop by the Troubadour! Marissa admits that it sounds perfect, but says Lady Heather will kill her, because they're having dinner that night. Oliver wheedlingly promises to have her back by dinner. Marissa asks about therapy, and Oliver insists that she doesn't need it because, from what she's told him, Lady Heather's the one who should be going. Marissa finally concedes; Oliver throws one arm across her shoulders and they head off together.

The camera slowly pulls back to show Seth and Luke watching as Marissa and Oliver leave campus. Seth wonders aloud where they're going, and Luke announces that he doesn't trust Oliver. Seth moans for him to stop because he sounds like Ryan. Still, Seth is interested to know whether Luke has ever met Natalie; Luke says he hasn't, and Seth reveals that Ryan thinks Oliver made her up. Luke mulls this over and says that he could just ask his friends at Pacific, since Oliver said Natalie went there. Seth asks whether Luke doesn't think that kind of detective work is a little extreme, and Luke's all, "Dude. Have you met Oliver?"

At The Newport Group, Kirsten asks to talk to Caleb if he has a minute; he says he has "exactly one." When she clarifies that it's about Lady Heather, he quickly tells her to shut the door. Kirsten is wearing yet another inappropriate-for-the-office outfit -- tight vest over tight shirt over tight pants. Since she's supposed to be all classay, it feels like a bit of a wardrobe gaffe. ["Seriously. Shouldn't she get back to the gala event she's cater-waitering for?" -- Wing Chun] Caleb immediately announces that Lady Heather is driving him crazy, at which Kirsten's all, "Excuse me?" Caleb adds that he "enjoy[s] the woman." Who does he think he is, John Black? Caleb continues by saying that whenever he turns around -- at home or at the office -- Lady Heather's there. He furtively looks around, lowers his voice, and finishes, "I wouldn't be surprised if she wasn't in here now." Hee. When Kirsten points out that Caleb hired Lady Heather, he claims he was just giving her something to do so that she'd stop calling him all the time. Kirsten cites his success in that endeavor -- Lady Heather doesn't have to call now because she's always there! Caleb announces that he wants Kirsten to talk to Lady Heather, "in the interest of the business," because "this has to end." Kirsten asks whether he's talking about the job; when he doesn't answer, she incredulously concludes, "You want me to break up with her?" Caleb kisses Kirsten on the cheek and says he knew she'd understand.

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