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The Gun In The First Act Doesn't Go Off In The Third

On his way out the door, Sandy finds Luke bearing two shopping bags. He asks what he's doing, besides relieving Sandy of grocery duty. Luke hasn't seen Ryan in a while, and asks if it's okay to visit him.

Cut to the pool house, where we look in at their conversation from the outside. Luke regretfully tells Ryan he can't stay long because he's having dinner with his dad, but that there's something Ryan should know: Marissa skipped school that day with Oliver, and Luke tried to call her, but he doesn't know where she and Oliver went. Luke's sure she's fine, but there's just something about Oliver! Luke reveals that he went to Pacific after school because he knows a few guys on the water polo team. He knows a few guys on the soccer team, too, and look how well that worked out for him. Luke ominously reveals that there is no Natalie at Pacific High.

Back in the kitchen, Summer asks if the Cohens are sure it's okay she's staying for dinner, and Kirsten insists that there's more than enough food. Sandy laments that he doesn't know where they'll put it all, and Seth's all, "Eventually in my belly." Summer and Anna are both smitten by this response, and then look at each other awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Ryan sneaks out of the pool house. He stops to stare at the tableau of the happy family inside, much as Oliver recently did. He takes a deep breath, and then leaves. Inside, Sandy tells them to go ahead and start without him, because he's going to get Ryan.

As Marissa's car pulls up in front of her house, Ryan stands on the front steps. She asks what he's doing at her house? He has to leave! He went to Lady Heather! Lady Heather called the school! Lady Heather called the hotel looking for Oliver's parents! As Ryan begs her to listen, Marissa continues screaming about why he hates Oliver so much, and demanding to know what did Oliver ever did to him. When Ryan announces that there is no Natalie, Marissa calls Ryan pathetic. Ryan suggests that she ask to see Oliver's yearbook, because Oliver made Natalie up. At that moment, Lady Heather opens the door, announcing that Marissa is in big trouble and telling Ryan to go home. Marissa screams that Ryan should stay, because she's the one who's going. As the car screeches away, Lady Heather chases after, while Ryan just stands and watches. Lady Heather storms inside, leaving Ryan standing outside on the steps. He looks up to see Sandy looking down at him.

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