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Another Tertiary Character Returns

Ryan probably changes his mind immediately when who should appear at the door but Season 2's Jess the Drug Ho! Except now she claims to be Jess the Reformed Drug Ho: she's cleaned up and gotten herself a "new life," which is fairly easy to do when you have rich parents who can pay for the removal of your ill-conceived Buddha-smoking-a-joint tattoo. She hands Ryan a small wrapped present: a belated birthday present from Trey. It's nice that he remembered, and the present seems too small to be a bomb. Maybe he really has changed his ways after all. Jess says that she lived with Trey in Vegas for "a while," and then came back to Newport "a few months ago." You know, the first step to changing your life around is not to be so vague about timelines. I'm just saying. Jess asks Ryan if he wants to know how his brother is doing, and then Sadie runs up to get all up in other people's business, like, go find Seth and play RC Pro-Am or whatever game is popular with the kids these days and butt out. Jess takes this as her cue to leave, telling Ryan to stop by her mansion if he wants to talk. Hey, maybe he can get Trey's address out of her so that he can call the police and have the guy arrested for all that attempted murder and rape stuff.

Ryan waits until the next morning to unwrap Trey's gift. We don't know for sure that he spent the entire night glaring at it and trying to start a fight with it, but we can probably assume this to be true. The gift ends up being a small toy car. I thought this was a subtle plug for Executive Producer McG's upcoming movie Hot Wheels, which I had always hoped would never actually get made. ["I wanted to believe that it still wouldn't, but it's actually happening. Lord." -- Wing Chun] Seth comes in and asks about the toy, which he criticizes for being a cheap gift, as any good little rich kid would. Ryan snaps that the car is an "inside thing" that he doesn't feel like explaining. Kirsten comes in and immediately notices the toy car. Ryan tells her whom it's from and who delivered it, and Seth tries to clarify things by explaining that Jess "took too much X and floated face-down in our pool," which won't help any since it was actually Marissa's pool Jess almost drowned in, not the Cohens'. Kirsten's so out of it, though, that she just figures that this happened when she was in SURIAK, the land of blissful ignorance, and moves on, asking Ryan how Trey is doing. Ryan says that he didn't care to find out, and Kirsten makes her trademark sad/disappointed face.

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