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Marissa's spending her morning pretending to read a newspaper. She's wearing Uggs, which I'm pretty sure went out of style a year or two ago. Maybe fashion moves slower in the trailer park, though. There's a rustling outside the door, and Marissa opens it to find Volchok being his usual creepy stalker self and standing in her doorway. He was planning on just leaving something on her doorstep, figuring she'd be in school right now so that he could do his good deed in peace. But he didn't count on the fact that no one on this show ever actually goes to school, so he has to give it to her in person. It's a lot better than a toy car, too: it's the watch she gave him in exchange for his leaving Ryan alone, a.k.a. Marissa's Extremely Stupid Plan That Backfired Both Predictably And Annoyingly. Volchok never pawned it and is giving it back to Marissa so that he can get the chance to give her some of his smoldering stares. Marissa doesn't seem very grateful, but her bitchiness probably just makes her more attractive to Volchok. Not to me, though.

Seth has apparently managed to get through his Brown interview without getting high on anything except the joy of being an anime freak, which he was happy to find out his interviewer shared. Summer is happy too; it looks like both she and Seth are shoo-ins to get into Brown, which apparently bases its admissions solely on how well the interviewers and interviewees get along with each other. Seth leaves to call his parents -- who probably forgot that they even have a son, let alone that he's trying to get into college -- and Taylor Townsend swings around the corner to share in Summer's joy. She even volunteers to make flan for a party to celebrate Seth's interview success, which is awesome. I wouldn't have expected any less from Taylor Townsend. I'll bet she makes it from scratch, too; no instant flan crap for Taylor Townsend! Summer says that she was thinking more along the lines of a flan-less private party for just her and Seth, since her dad is on a cruise with some white trash. Taylor Townsend Eric Idles a few nudges and winks in Summer's direction, prompting the girl who is supposedly a secret genius to ask Taylor what's wrong with her eye. Once Taylor Townsend gives Summer the definition of a "knowing wink," Summer reports that there's nothing to wink about, since no sex will be had tonight; she's expecting a night of dork movie watching and Thai food. Which basically means that she told Taylor that she wanted to spend some time alone with Seth instead of having a party with Taylor just to keep Taylor away from Seth, which makes me sad for Taylor. She doesn't get the hint, though, and simply sees this as another opportunity to help out two people who have done nothing for her but asked for so much in return. She assumes that Seth and Summer have "lost the magic," and offers to get it back for them before they go to college and Seth meets a new crop of tempting "nubile young coeds." Summer gets angry with Taylor and insists that she and Seth are fine and in no need of assistance. Your loss, Summer. That flan sounded good.

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