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Therein Lies the Grub

Last week on Survivor, Ted did sit-ups and refused to talk to Grindia, causing a rift among the Chuay Gahn tribe. Stompanie snarled, "Piss on 'em!" after her tribemates voted off Jed. Sook Jai won bananas, chickens, and immunity, leading Grindia to try to rally the Chuay Gahn girls for a 3-3 Tribal Council vote. Helen was "betwixt and between," and Grindia got permanently grounded. Twelve are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

It's Night 12 at Chuay Gahn. Clay fusses with things about camp, and then a little mouse fusses with things about camp. Total Mr. Jingles shout-out! Or not. A stuffed bat on a string flies out of the cave and toward the camera. The tribe has just returned from Tribal Council as Clay tells us it was "very interesting" and a "shocker." He knew Jan was being manipulated by Grindia, but just not how much. He pauses and whines, "Why in the hell'd she vote for me?" This is followed by a shot of a typically gape-jawed, blank-faced Jan fumbling around. Jan has two expressions: gape-jawed, blank-faced happiness and gape-jawed, blank-faced confusion. But maybe that's technically one expression. In any case, Clay reveals that Jan's name has an "x on it" for future Tribal Councils, and that she'll be the next to go. Jan concurs, gleefully telling us in an interview that Clay knows she voted for him. She says he doesn't forgive or forget, so she'll be the next member of the tribe voted off. She explains that Helen claimed she would vote for Clay, but didn't. Jan says, "Her vote -- she can choose to change it -- and I think she changed it." She thinks she changed it? Ted yawns as Brian says it's been a long day, which has nothing to do with anything. Helen next tells us that she'll have to live with the fact that the girls think she betrayed them, but that it was a "necessary evil." Casting the vote for Grindia wasn't enjoyable, but it had to be done. Helen adds, "If that gets me further ahead, then so be it." Shadows pass over the moon and the sky races. Fifteen orthodontists dial Information for Helen's phone number.

A happy chicken clucks at Sook Jai on Day 13. It won't be happy -- or clucking, for that matter -- much longer. Penny explains that the tribe decided to eat one of the chickens as soon as they woke up. Stompanie and Jake work together to kill the chicken as Penny averts her eyes in the shelter. Thankfully, we don't see the actual breaking of the chicken's neck, although we do see Jake's forceful twisting arm motion. Stompanie tells us that she held the chicken while Jake did the deed; they then boiled a pot of water and "put him in there." Jake plucks feathers from the boiling chicken while Robb slumbers in the foreground of the shot, which is kind of funny. Tinkly music plays as the tribe stares at the pot. Shii Devil looks impatiently hopeful while Erin licks her lips. And what's with the lip-licking, anyway? I'm frequently hungry, but I don't walk around licking my lips all the time. I hope not, anyway. The chicken gets stirred in the pot and the tribe continues to hover. The chicken must smell damn good for the tribemembers to hang around blatantly salivating like that, and they confirm that it does indeed. ["But once the feathers were off, why would they continute to boil it? Who eats boiled chicken? There's a fire right there -- why not roast it?" -- Wing Chun]

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