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A Benihana Christmas

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A Benihana Christmas

Benihana. An increasingly drunk Michael is having a good time, even getting up to steal some steak from the plate of the guy sitting next to Jim. "It's family style!" he says. "No, it's not," Jim says. Andy calls Cindy the waitress over and tells her to close her eyes and imagine her dream house. From the far end of the table, Dwight yells out to Jim to ask what's going on. Jim tells Dwight that Cindy's asleep. Then she opens her eyes and starts describing her house to Andy. Jim gives Dwight an update: "She's trying to describe how to correctly butcher a goose, but she's having trouble coming up with it." Dwight is only too happy to loudly describe it for Cindy, and everyone else at the table, in gory, bloody, feathery detail. Jim THs that this is totally different from what Pam was going to have him do. "This is more like a, it's pretty much the same thing." Except this got some on everybody.

Nothing's happening at Angela's party besides The Nutcracker playing and Kevin raiding the baked goods table. Meanwhile, Stanley and Kelly enjoy 'gritas, while Meredith sticks with the straight vodka. But it turns out that the karaoke machine doesn't have a power cord. Darryl to the rescue, as he heads off to get his synthesizer. On his way through the bullpen, he sees Phyllis hovering sadly in the conference room doorway. He invites her over when she's done with her "meeting." Angela gives Hannah a hard time over the nutcrackers which don't actually crack nuts, and Kevin a hard time over taking seconds. Phyllis tries to draw Ryan into a conversation when he comes back for his jacket. It doesn't work.

At Benihana, Michael and Andy have decided to invite Cindy and another attractive waitress back to the office Christmas party. Cut to Michael and his entourage returning to the office with his arm around one waitress and Andy's arm around another, hollering that he wants everyone to meet his new girlfriend. Those are totally two different waitresses.

After the ads, Michael shows off the bike he gave to the toy drive, then gives it to his date instead. She says she wants to give him something in return, by which she means whisper in his ear. "That's what she said," Michael snorts. He's back!

Michael and Andy bring their dates into Angela's party. She asks them where Dwight is. "Is he the hot one or the giant baby?" asks Michael's date. Michael whispers answers that Dwight is the giant baby. He does not add that Jim is also sometimes a giant baby, despite being hot. Michael apologizes for the lameness of Angela's party, and herds everyone across the office as soon as Phyllis tells him about the break room party. Angela yells at "waitress lady" for snagging one of the miniature nutcracker party favors: "I don't walk into your house and steal your Hello Kitty backpack." "Ssssssssssshut it!" Michael hisses at her, and they're gone. And here's Dwight, half-drunk and grinning at Angela, who turns her green-streaked ponytail on him and slams the conference room door in his face.

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