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A Benihana Christmas

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A Benihana Christmas

The waitresses are leaving. Trying to get them to stay, Michael asks his date to go to Sandals with him. "Nah, I have school," she demurs, and wheels his bike out of there.

Dwight belts out "Lady" by Styx, much to Angela's admiration. Out by reception, Jim sits down next to a sulking Michael. "That waitress was the one," Michael says. "No, she wasn't," Jim says. He teases Michael a bit, then apologizes when Michael tells him to stop it. But then Michael starts laughing at himself, admitting that he marked her arm. The laugh they share over that is probably the best one of the whole episode. Jim tells him that he just had a rebound, which can be fun. "But when it's over," Jim says, "you're left thinking about the girl you really like. The one that broke your heart." Funny, the projection looks better on Michael.

Michael THs inanely about rebounds. "As my ex-girlfriend might say, 'domo arigato, Mr. Scott-o.'"

Angela sings "The Little Drummer Boy" with Dwight acting as both her microphone stand and beatbox. Leaning against his desk next to Ryan, Jim glances over to see Pam and Roy sharing gifts and a hug in the conference room. He looks sad. Meanwhile, Michael is on the phone with someone, asking him or her to go to Sandals with him. And he actually gets a yes. Back out in the bullpen, there are two new arrivals: Oscar and Gil. Oscar takes in the scene, mutters, "Too soon," and heads right back out again unnoticed. The final tableau is Angela happily singing, with Dwight "bum-ba-bumming" at her feet, and Michael still on his phone in the background, seen through the blinds of his office.

The tag is a time for goodbyes. On his way past reception, Jim tells Pam that as it turns out, Dwight has in fact been summoned to CIA headquarters in Langley for training and an ice cream social with the other agents. Pam smiles happily at the realization that Jim loves her a little after all, then gets online to get Dwight a bus ticket. Alas, that would cost $75. "Well, maybe the CIA could send a helicopter," Jim suggests.

And the last we see of Dwight is him waiting impatiently on the roof. Then his phone vibrates with a text, which he reads out loud (some secret agent): "You have been compromised. Abort mission. Destroy phone." Dwight looks around and demonstrates that he's got a pretty good arm on him before running out of the shot at full speed. Let's hope he takes the stairs.

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