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The End of the Beginning of the End
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Another one-hour episode? You've got one more week of this, The Office, and then I'm done with you unless you knock it off.

Kevin steps off the elevator and we see that the entrance to the office has been fortified with a security door. Kevin buzzes the attached intercom and Erin picks up her handset to say, "The tea in Nepal is very hot." Kevin rolls up his sleeve to read aloud from his arm, "But the coffee in Peru is much hotter." Erin grins and proudly buzzes him in. By way of explanation, Dwight interviews that as the new permanent manager, he's been able to institute some new security measures, including these doors from a bankrupt jewelry store and the institution of pointless code phrases like we just saw on The Amazing Race four days ago. He adds that he now emails everyone the secret codes every morning. "It's not the KGB, but it's a start." When it's Dwight's turn to come in, he misses one word. Erin says that after three wrong tries, she needs to give him the steam. "Unless you want me to break protocol," she offers. By now the other employees are watching, and Dwight has to allow it. He THs that it's only harmless steam, due to the prohibitive cost of harmful steam. As his resolve cracks and he panics, Creed heads out the suite's back entrance with a handful of shirts on hangers.

Full credits, which still include Ed Helms. Worse, there's no final shot of Dwight doing something at the manager's desk. Instead, there's that shot of Jim kissing Pam in its place. Rip-off.

Well, this is promising. Oscar and Angela are at his place getting ready for the day, and the apartment isn't exactly built for three. "Ironic that now its Angela who's living in the closet," Oscar THs, adding a weak "Hey-ohh." But at least we see that little Phillip is now protected from the fashion faux pas that Angela would have dressed him in.

Esther drops Dwight off at the office in her dad's pickup, and he THs that between being a manager and the owner of a 1,600 acre beet farm, being engaged to "an actual milkmaid" is icing on the cake. Not that he's done it yet; he shows us his grandmother's ring. "It was made from a bullet I took out of her left buttock. She was a moonshiner shot by Adolph Coors." One would expect the Schrutes to get along better than that with people named Adolph.

Andy shows up at what looks like cattle call auditions for a show called America's Next A Capella Sensation. Catchy title. He's all excited about being sent to the back of the long line, as though that means his pitch has really impressed the intake guys. While taking that long hike, he explains what sets this show apart from all the other televised singing competitions out there: "All three judges are mean."

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