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The Truth May Set You Free, But It's a Little Late For Others.

Jim catches up to Darryl in the warehouse, asking if he's okay. Darryl says he's done and needs to get out of here. "It's not just today. It's every day. Seems like the better title I have, the stupider my job gets." Jim says there's always something better. "Hypothetically. If I said that there was another job. That you and I could both have... something cool, like sports marketing." Jim has Darryl's attention, even though I still don't know what "sports marketing" means. Jim asks, but what if it was in Philly? Darryl loves Philly, and Jim jumps on his agreement, like he's practicing this conversation with Pam. Which of course he is. Darryl asks if this is for real, and Jim assures him it's happening, but they need to keep it between the two of them for now. "And Pam's into it?" Darryl says, and is crestfallen when Jim gets wishy-washy about that. "It's not real until your wife is on board," Darryl says. I remember when Jim wouldn't have needed to be told that.

Nellie comes into the warehouse with Pam, pointing out a big ugly gray wall and saying it needs a mural. Pam's thrilled about the assignment. Jim and Darryl come up to them, Jim asking to talk to Pam, but Nellie protectively orders Jim to say anything he has to Pam to her. "She never loved you," she snaps. Pam tries to defuse things, but Nellie assures Pam they'll find her someone better and rich. "And Filipino," she THs. "But we'll break that to her later."

Cut to Nellie and Darryl standing outside Val's office, where Jim is apparently breaking the news to a rather grumpy-looking Pam. We can't hear what the Halperts are saying to each other, but Nellie and Darryl both have their own idea of what's going on in there, even if Nellie's is wrong. Nellie calls Jim a snake, and Darryl defensively says, "Hey, he deserves this. And he said I could get in on it too." Nellie is horrified, and not much less so when they watch Jim and Pam embrace. Maybe because she's wondering how she ended up on Friends.

Jim does a TH in the euphoria of relief. "I don't know what I was so worried about. I have the best wife in the world!" Pam's TH of her own: "I still can't believe he didn't tell me." Yeah, neither can we.

Out in the parking lot at the end of the day, Pam picks bits of hedge out of her grille, trying to explain to Stanley as he passes. "Do not care," he says. As Erin and Andy get into his car, Pete walks by and he and Erin exchange goodbyes in Dothraki, which must be a pretty easy language to learn. "I like that guy," Andy grins. "We should hook him up with Meredith." Erin pleasantly agrees, as though Andy's not the one who deserves Meredith lately.

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