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The Actor's Nightmare

Michael shows up at the play with balloons, and while he's talking to Stanley and Phyllis, an usher comes up and asks if he's "the guy that did an entire Law & Order episode for his audition?" After a pause, Michael lies, "Nope." Andy peeks out and thanks them all for coming, and Jim tells him to thank Erin. "She's the one who agreed to babysit." Andy's face falls with an almost audible clatter. Erin THs that she's been trying to get into babysitting forever, but it's tough to crack the 13-year-olds' monopoly in this town. Andy tries to be the bigger man about it. "This is, like, a huge opportunity for her," he THs. Aw.

Michael's in the audience, kind of impressing me by trying to keep his balloons down without even being asked by the people behind him, when Darryl recognizes his plumber's name in the program -- playing Sweeney Todd. As if that weren't bad enough, the actor's bio that says the director discovered him singing karaoke and didn't even make him audition. I think this may be one of the first times I can remember Darryl saying the wrong thing. Michael's disgusted, of course, but Darryl shushes him for the overture. Stanley's asleep four lines into "The Ballad of Sweeney Todd," and Pam and Jim get shooed out of their seats behind Kelly and Ryan, which means they have to go back to their proper seats next to Michael and his squeaky-ass balloons.

As the play proceeds, Jim and Pam are impressed with Andy's solo on "Johanna," and so is Dwight, enough to lean over and whisper to a stranger, "I work with that guy." Next to him, Angela purposely gets gum on her skirt so she has to go change, and Dwight proudly adds to his other seatmate, "His name's Andy. He's a terrible salesman." Kelly asks Ryan what time it is, and he shows her a screen-sized clock on his iPad. Thanks for the weekly lame joke, Ryan.

During intermission, the director accosts Michael and promises him a role if he keeps auditioning. In gratitude, Michael steals a bottle of wine from the bar. Angela reappears in the lobby in a farmer-girl outfit, claiming her old gardening clothes were all she had in her car, but Dwight can't take his eyes off her. Pam calls on her cell to check in with Erin, and to tell her, "It's fun to hear Andy sing, in the appropriate setting." She wraps up the call when the lights flash, and apparently she was a little worried, even though Jim assured her there was nothing to worry about. A little early to decide that, I'm thinking.

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