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The Actor's Nightmare

Outside, Angela and Dwight exchange reviews, she calling it "more horrifying than Nunsense" and he declaring, "All that singing got in the way of some perfectly good murders." Angela pulls a Dude, Where's My Car, pushing her boobs out as far as she can against her checked shirt, which Dwight doesn't fail to notice. "Come on," she says.

Michael's talking to Darryl in the lobby when Sweeney Todd comes out and says hi to Darryl, whose toilet he fixed. "This plumber has pipes," Darryl jokes, which coming from Michael would sound completely toolish. Michael echoes the compliment, and Sweeney Todd recognizes him as the guy who booed him. Michael claims lots of people booed him, but he wasn't one of them. "Get your eyes checked, chucklehead." Creed advises him, "Be cool. Michael. I saw this guy kill a bunch of people." I'm always happy for a Creed bit, but not one that contradicts the previous one. Once he moves on, Darryl takes Michael to task for booing him, and even boos him a couple of times so he knows how it feels. "I don't like that at all," Michael THs afterwards.

Andy's out of costume, and pretends to kill Erin onstage. She says she's glad they're hanging out again, and they switch places so she can kill him. Hasn't she already ripped his heart out enough?

Dwight has walked Angela to her car, and wants to do it right there. She makes like she's willing to let him off the hook, even offering to count this as one of the five times specified in her contract, but this is a hook that he suddenly doesn't want off of. So Angela reaches into his pocket and...punches his card. Unfortunately for Dwight, that's not a euphemism. He's more disappointed than he wants to let on.

Andy and Erin are sitting in what would have been her seats when she gets a cell phone cal from Gabe, wanting soup. She has to take off, leaving Andy disappointed all over again.

Jim is trying to settle Cece into her car seat without waking her up, which doesn't work. "It's like The Hurt Locker!" he whispers. Finally they agree that the night, while not a disaster, was weird, and decide to party with a gift bottle of Irish cream and orange juice. I wish that were a typo.

The rest of the staff finds Andy alone onstage, which Michael diagnoses as a case of post-show blues. "I get those every day after work," he commiserates. They try to cheer Andy up by saying he did a good job, Michael the most sincerely of all of them: "I booed someone tonight. I have no filter. And if I thought you were terrible I would have booed. And if I thought you had done a better job, I would be saying nicer things right now. But I thought you were exactly awesome. No better, no worse." Just when I think Michael said the exact right thing, Darryl outrights him by asking Andy for a song. The next thing we know, Andy's oversinging "I Try" by Macy Gray while Darryl plays the piano. Dwight enters the auditorium alone, looking as sad as Andy did a few minutes ago. While the song continues, Jim and Pam toast each other with the orange sludge in the front seat of their car, violating both open container laws and those of good taste. Angela drives home alone, looking pretty pleased with herself. With everyone else (even Dwight) singing along, Andy and Darryl bring the song to a big finish. And I'm sure it's about to turn into an all-night singalong, but fortunately the episode ends there.

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