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Phyllis comes in shaking her umbrella, saying it's raining cats and dogs. Apparently this is one of the same twelve clichés she uses every time it rains and Jim has promised hot chocolate for everyone if she uses them all before noon. That cues a montage of the coworkers setting her up for her usual responses and by 11:59, the only one left is how the rain makes her want to stay home curled up with a good book. When she returns to the bullpen with her coffee mug, there's some more prompting from almost everyone to get her to say that one, but it's too late. Then Phyllis THs about how the rain normally makes her want to curl up with a good book, "But everybody's being so nice to me today!"

Erin and Andy show up at the end of the day to say hi and to sing "My Girlfriend's Back" to everyone. Not sure why Andy's in a suit and tie, then. Kevin walks up in a straining red Cornell sweater, which he says Nellie gave him. Also, "Old Salty," the guy Andy always knocks over in the opening credits, is now "bobble-ized" and living on Dwight's desk under the name "Captain Mutato." The absence of a similar shot for Nellie the past few weeks should have indicated a long time ago that she's not staying in the manager's office -- even fucking Creed got that honor for one episode. After taking in the changes -- and a portrait of Nellie hanging outside the door of the manager's office in place of Pam's old drawing of the office -- Andy says, "Okie doke," and walks into the manager's office after the briefest possible knock. He takes in the redecorated room, introduces himself and thanks Nellie for filling in during his "temporary absence," and says he'd like his office back when she gets the chance. "No," Nellie says. Andy pretends he didn't hear, but Nellie repeats, "No." Can it just be that easy?

Jim and Pam are chatting in the kitchen with Kelly and some Indian guy, who turns out to be their pediatrician, Ravi. Apparently Pam set him up with Kelly, because, as Jim puts it in a joint TH, "Kelly is Indian, and... oh, that's it." Pam insists that this is just Ryan-detox for Kelly. Ryan sticks his head through the door and gives Jim and Pam some parenting advice to add to Ravi's; namely, not to shake the baby. Then Ryan does a TH about how he and Kelly broke up, "and her boyfriend seems awesome, if you're into Indian people. I'm not." We've noticed. After Kelly and Ravi leave, Ryan overshares a bit with Jim and Pam: "I'd rather she be alone than with somebody. Is that love?" Jim: "That's about it, yeah."

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