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In the manager's office while Andy stands by, Robert tells Nellie she's been great, but she needs to clear out now because Andy's the manager. Nellie: "No." Now they're both flummoxed. Robert says he's not used to being said no to, so Nellie sex-voices, "Well Bobby get accustomed to it, because then it feels so good when they finally say yes." Robert leaves them to work it out between themselves, as we all knew he would. Robert THs that he never lets lust affect his business decisions; he prefers to recuse himself until he can get laid and then comes back to address it rationally. "Buffett operates the same way."

Back in the office, Nellie threatens to dock Andy's pay $100 unless he leaves the room. He calls her bluff, but when Nellie hollers out to Angela to make it happen, it does. Andy responds with a similar order to Angela, but this time there's no response. And then Nellie gets Angela to agree to dock Andy $200. Sitting with Erin in a TH, Andy cops to having "a little bit of an anger problem." I thought the writers had forgotten all about that, but there's a short montage of Andy's greatest hits dating back to Stamford, and the time he punched a hole in the wall. But now Erin's there to put her hand on his arm when she sees him getting angry. Oh, and the intervening five years since the anger management training he went to in the third season. Back in the present, Nellie starts the countdown to a ten-thousand dollar hit and that gets Andy to clear out. Erin walks him back to his car in the parking lot, parks him in the passenger seat and promises him a "hot date." Andy doesn't look like he could possibly be less in the mood.

The next day, Erin tells Andy in the break room that last night wasn't a big deal. Andy tries to play it cool, but gets pissy when she repeats it. Clearly it was a big deal to him. In the sense that his deal obviously didn't get very big.

In the kitchen, Ryan is showing Kelly some old photos of him, taken by her, while Pam watches suspiciously. Even now in charming mode, he's still belittling her, but he THs that he's in love with Kelly and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. At least right now. "Again, that could change."

In the stairwell, Erin is quizzing Dwight about whether his loss of the manager job gave him what she uncertainly calls "penial softiosis." Somehow Dwight manages not to jump up and down as he says he's so glad she trusted him. Of course he is. "No, I have never once experienced anything remote like that," he says firmly. "Never. Okay? Washington Monument. Eiffel Tower." See what I did there? With the "firmly?"

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