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Andy's on the phone to his dad trying to spin the news about his downward promotion when Nellie comes out to ask Erin to start writing the date in format of day, month, year, British-style. "Small, bigger, biggest. Sexual innuendo not intentional," she adds. "Shut up!" Erin snaps, shocking a nation as she stands up yelling and throwing the phone at Nellie, telling her to take her own messages. Robert bursts out of the conference room and Andy stands up and angrily announces their sex life is none of their businesses. Erin adds that Andy's the manager and Andy yells at Erin that he can protect himself. "This is misdirected anger and I'm sorry, I don't mean to lash out at you. There's a lot coming up right now, all at once. Dad, go to hell! I'm taller than you!" He slams the phone down and Nellie tells him to calm down. Red-faced, Andy insists that he was chosen to be the manager and Robert uses a suicide-negotiator voice to invite Andy to sit. Andy just throws his chair at him and calls him an idiot. Erin throws a bunch of shit from Reception and Andy smashes Nellie's picture, then puts his fist through the wall under where it used to hang. The exact same spot as last time. Into the stunned silence, Darryl says, "He does not like that wall."

Later, Andy (with ice on his hand) and Erin sit on the Reception couch, watching Nate clean up the mess, as Erin says they could get sent to anger management together. Andy thinks that would be cool. "I'd like you to meet some of the guys." Robert calls Andy and Erin to join him and Nellie in her office.

Ryan bursts into the busy break room during lunch and accuses Pam of badmouthing him to Kelly. "If you have something bad to say to me, Pam, say it to my face." Which is what people always say when they mean "don't say anything bad about me at all." But Pam reasonably tells him he's not a good person and she doesn't like him. Ryan argues that he's a better match for Kelly, but Oscar, Kevin and Nate prefer Ravi, even though Nate's never met him. The others dare Ryan to read the love people he wrote for Kelly, but he refuses, bluffing that it would destroy them all and throwing it in the trash. Ryan eventually yields the ground, loudly talking about how his and Kelly's love scares everyone. Maybe, but not in the way he means. Kelly's been quiet through all this, but has clearly been eating it up and in a TH, she says Ravi makes her happy, but Ryan puts her through so much drama. "I just have to decide which of those is more important to me."

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