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Robert tells Andy that they're going to put Andy back on the sales team and promises they'll all laugh about it one day. Andy, after touching Erin's hand: "No." He calmly repeats it, even when Robert tells him he can't. Robert is going to be totally used to people saying now to him at this rate.

Most of the staff comes out of the building at the end of the day to see Ryan on a white horse (whose bridle is being held by the wrangler Ryan hired) in a white Indian costume and turban. He's roundly booed, at least until Jim calms Pam down. Ryan tells Kelly he has some things to say and doesn't want her to interrupt. "You do a lot, so just don't," he reminds her. "I know that I haven't always treated you in the way that you, for whatever reason, feel you deserve to be treated. But I want to marry you, Kelly Kapoor. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. And probably." Pam openly heckles him and even as the horse turns its back to Kelly so Ryan has to awkwardly twist in the saddle, Ryan goes on about how he can't promise her anything, including not to cheat on her, but "Even if the odds are fifty-fifty that we'll break up within the week, I want to roll those dice." Kelly goes up to him and says he means so much to her, "But I love Ravi and I choose him." She hopes they can be friends and Ryan agrees to lean down from the saddle for a hug. Which soon turns into making out. "Well, it's good to see Kelly's matured," Jim says. That was empowering.

Up in the office, Andy is still saying no to everything Robert and Nellie say. Robert threatens to fire him if he says no one more time and asks if he'd like to say anything else. Andy: "No." At the exit, standing next to Erin with the box of his belongings, Andy says he feels in control and alive. Erin offers to take the box from him, but he says "I got it." By which he means, "I got it." Not that we can tell, with the box in front of it, but I think that's part of the reason he wants to hold into the box. Erin hustles him out of there toot-sweet. There's another box that needs dealing with.

In the tag, Pam digs Ryan's poem out of the trash to read it to Jim, who's in a hurry to get going, at least until Pam reads him the first line: "Kapoor and kadesperate, he watches." Jim asks for the second line, which is, "He is a drifter out to sea." Cut to Jim reading the end to Pam: "And when the Indian Ocean calms, one speck of white remains, in waters cold and Kelly green." They're both fighting back tears. Jim tells the camera, "Ryan can never know."

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