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Baby Undaddy

Dwight has now tied the stroller to the back of his Trans Am and is dragging it around the parking lot at high speeds.

I sense a deleted scene, because Jan emerges from Michael's office without us ever finding out what she needed help with. Since she's leaving, she asks after her stroller. Dwight, who has teleported back to his desk just in time, says he already put it in her trunk. I hope he at least cleaned out the watermelon shrapnel.

Down in the parking lot, Jan thanks Michael for the shower and asks him a favor: "Don't date Holly." Michael stutters, fumbles, claims "I hate her," and finally agrees. Then, after Jan drives off, he goes inside and finds Holly. "You still gonna be mean to me?" she asks warily. His response is to put his arms around her for a very long time. After a while, she reciprocates, and even smiles over his shoulders. When he finally releases her, he asks, "You wanna go out?" "Yes," she says calmly. Michael THs, "I didn't feel much when I held Astrid, but I got a good feeling with Holly." Well, there you go then.

In the tag, Pam and Jim are dialing each other's cell phones at the same time, and thus get each other's voice mails. They're both a little sad to have missed each other, even though we get to hear their simultaneous messages that sound like they're actually talking to each other in real time, about Laundromats and being safe and missing each other. Aww. And, beep.

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