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Back From Vacation

In Michael's absence -- by which I mean his actual, physical absence while he's off at Sandals Jamaica with some mystery person, and not his typical intellectual absence -- Jim is running a staff meeting in the conference room. He's briefly distracted by Dwight's setting a tape recorder on the table and claiming that Michael asked him to record all the meetings. Jim moves on, and then suddenly asks, "Oh, my God! Dwight, what are you doing? You're not allowed to take off your pants in the middle of the office." Dwight slowly realizes that Jim is messing with the transcript on purpose, and the others start laughing and joining in. Phyllis gets bonus points for also messing with Michael, by telling Dwight to get Michael an autograph from Jim Carrey, who she says just walked in. This continues until Andy jumps in with a loud, "I am now chopping off Phyllis's head with a chainsaw!" Phyllis is okay, of course, but Andy did kill the joke pretty good.

Michael returns to the office on his first day back, carrying all manner of crap under his arm and looking kind of weird somehow on one side of his head. To his disappointment, Pam greets him like it's any other day, except for mentioning that Hannah quit for reasons that mean that Michael might have to be deposed. Michael is still on a vacation-high, trying to "Hey mon" the whole office at large. As Michael tries to enter his office, Stanley accosts him and complains about his bonus check being $100 short. Michael puts him off, adding, "You are not as much fun as your Jamaican brothers. Mon."

Apparently, things are a little tense between Karen and Jim. As Karen explains to us, she's still living in a hotel since moving from Stamford, but saw a "for rent" sign two blocks away from Jim's place. Jim is just not ready for that kind of commitment.

Michael is performing "Hot Hot Hot" for Pam in his office, undaunted by the fact that he only knows one line and one note on the new steel drum he brought back. No problem, mon -- just keep repeating it all. Which is what he does. Finally Pam tells him that they have to do inventory, which Michael was hoping to miss. He points out that they don't do inventory in the laid-back environment of the islands. "Why do you think so many businesses move to the Caymans?"

So Michael heads out to the bullpen, announces an "inventory luau" that evening, and puts the party planning committee to work on it, despite Angela's protests that they can't pull it off in one day. And I just figured out what's going on with Michael's hair; he's got one of those tiny little bead-braids over his right ear, which makes him look like even more of an idiot than usual. In response to Angela's doubts, Michael THs that a luau isn't all that hard: "All you need are some grass skirts, pineapple, poi, tiki torches, suckling pig, some fire dancers." All of which go remarkably well with inventory.

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