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Darryl visits the office to get a teabag and repeatedly declines to forcibly serve Michael his own kidneys, no matter how much Michael tries to bait him about the upcoming game. When Darryl offers a bet on dinner, Michael counters with "loser works on Saturday." Michael's clucking gets Darryl again, and he agrees to the bet. Dwight walks over to Michael with a little smile, repeating the clucking and wanting a high-five, but Michael just barks, "Don't screw this up." I think every time Michael does that, it adds a month to the time in therapy Dwight would need to function well. Since he's already up to 284 years, he really can't afford that.

Later, we see Michael in full basketball regalia, including an undoubtedly unnecessary wrap around his knee. He warms up, in a sequence that includes a few moves that someone in the military might make while trying to clear a bug infestation out of his underpants. Also, Michael is apparently under the impression that playing basketball will involve inline skating, based on some of these warm-up exercises.

Upstairs, Angela can't find the first-aid kit. When she asks who has it, Dwight soundlessly lifts it over his head without even turning to face her. "How many times have I told you? I'm the safety officer, not you," she says coldly. They have so much in common.

Warehouse. Michael repeatedly practices his dunk without success, until finally -- we see him make one. It's sort of shocking, until we pull back to see that warehouse guy Lonny, whom we will one day know as "Sea Monster," is holding the hoop down at a reduced height. Not embarrassing at all, Michael. Not at all. The hoop is raised to its normal height, and Michael's next shot goes mostly horizontally through the net. If Michael could live his entire life with the net lowered, I think he'd be entirely happy, as long as everyone else agreed not to mention it and someone else had the net positioned even lower.

In a TH up in the office, Jim reveals that he played basketball pretty seriously in high school, and he's looking forward to this. "You know, I think I'm going to impress a few people in here." And some of them are totally girls. In his gym clothes, Jim ties his shoes out in reception, asking Pam if she's going to wish him luck. "Yeah, you're going to need it," she says, and then off his "whoa," she opens her mouth wide for a beautiful "Oh, yeah, I said it!" expression. "Is that trash talk from Pam?" She playfully tells him that Roy is competitive and badly does not want to work this weekend, so she's pretty sure he'll be going all out. Jim tells Pam he's going to the outlet mall, so if she wants to "save big on brand names" while Roy is working, "which he will, because I'm also competitive," she should come with him. "I think I'm going to be up at the lake," she says innocently, then twists her face into more "I dare you" goofiness. "I think I'll see you at the mall...yeah," he says with considered seriousness. She laughs. That's one of my favorite early scenes, because they get so much air under it. Even their flirtatious moments can be buried in the leaden environment sometimes, but that one just sails.

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