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Michael runs over and asks Angela the score. Angela tells him that sales is ahead at the moment, and as it happens, Michael soon suffers a flagrant foul! And he wants to call off the game! And he guesses they'll just have to leave off at whatever the score is now, because he just cannot play under these conditions! What bad luck! Angela offers Michael a cold pack from the first-aid kit for whatever his grievous/bogus injury might be, but Dwight snatches it away, insisting that you have to "break the interior bag" -- and, of course, he explodes the bag, spraying its contents all over Michael. When Michael sums up that he guesses this means the warehouse guys will work Saturday, they essentially announce to him that that's not going to happen. Michael edges closer to them and reminds them that he's the boss. Lonny tells Michael that...they're coming in next on Monday...right? Michael chuckles nervously. Jim looks on, stricken -- not wanting to work the weekend, not wanting Roy to win anything, not wanting Michael to get pushed around, and knowing that Michael is probably going to give in here, because it's his nature to be a coward even when he's right, let alone when he's already acting ridiculous. Michael chuckles and stammers, and finally he agrees that the office staff will come in Saturday. Jim looks disgusted and disappointed. Everyone else just looks like they don't want to work Saturday.

As the staff begins to file out, Kevin starts shooting at the basket. One goes in. Two. Three. Four in a row. You should know that on the DVD? That sequence of shots is even longer. The more you watch, the more you learn that underestimating Brian Baumgartner is a dangerous misstep.

Upstairs, in the afterglow of the game, Jim reclines in a chair near Pam's desk, idly chatting with her about the scout he's been talking to -- though he hasn't signed anything yet. (Heh.) Roy trucks on in to ruin everything, as usual. As Pam is on her way out, she agrees with Roy's ribbing of Jim by noting that "he's...pretty good." As Jim is basking in this and Pam is heading out, he hears her say something to Roy about getting him "into a tub," and of course, his smile drains away. Don't think about it, Jim. Mental images are no one's friend.

Michael emerges from his office with tissues stuffed in his nose, and he instructs the staff not to "be gloomy" about having to come in on the weekend. When everyone responds with stony silence, Michael caves yet again and tells them to forget it -- nobody's coming in tomorrow. It's not like working tomorrow will keep them from being downsized, after all. Michael THs that sports is "all about character," and that you can learn a lot even when you don't win. "But we did," he says, "because we were ahead."

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