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Erin has joined Michael not only in his office but also in his newfound Sinophobia. She's just learned from Wikipedia (while the rest of us learned from The Amazing Race) that the tallest man in the world is Chinese. "So much for keeping our secrets up high," Michael frets, and charges out into the bullpen to whip up some paranoia about a world where forks are irrelevant and everyone has to play the cello. To stop it, he wants someone to come up with a big idea, right here, right now. Kevin suggests an antacid you only have to take once a week. After pursuing that for a bit, Erin cheerfully floats the idea of hiring a new guy and killing him for a $100,000 life insurance policy. She thinks everyone will like that idea. "I think that's what they're doing to me," Erin whispering-heads. "I can't prove it, but I wanted to see their faces when I said it. I learned nothing." Yes, I've noticed that about her. Back in the bullpen, Michael announces, "I don't know what the fuck that was." Dwight suggests bombing them (and Phyllis agrees), and Michael drops some scary statistic about how many cities China has with more than a million people (56, to the U.S.'s nine). Oscar tries to call him out, and Michael stands his ground (while Andy texts Darryl, "RU watching this?") Ryan jumps online and confirms Michael's stats, humiliating Oscar. "So I happen to know more than the smartest guy in the office, so what, I don't care." Michael gleefully laughing-heads. Michael's ready to move on after besting Oscar, but suddenly the daylight light from the windows is blotted out. DAMN YOU, CHINAAAA!!!

Oh, it was just Dwight. Outside, a giant sign advertising an exterminator has been hung in front of the building. Everyone complains to Michael, who defers to the office administrator. "Handle it. Takin' care of business," he says, leaving her to it. Pam orders Dwight to take it down, "Or else." Dwight's not scared. "We can move out!" Pam threatens. If anything, Dwight is less scared.

Angela's alone in the kitchen when the lights go out, and all her jumping and flailing doesn't work as well as Kevin just walking in. A little size differential humor for you. Out in the bullpen, Pam comes in from a two-hour scouting trip for new office spaces. She shows off a few snapshots, and Dwight seems a little worried. Pam keeps showing the pictures around and talking about amenities like an Outback next door that makes it smell like steak all the time. "Are you trying to kill me?" Stanley wonders, but Kelly's happy to hear that the nail place is Korean and the dry cleaner's is white.

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