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Ryan has joined the drill team quizzing Michael in his office, and Michael's whiffing on questions like "Where is Tibet?," "When was China founded?" and "Who is Mao?" Andy advises him to steer the conversation to something he knows about. Michael suggests boobs, then realizes he doesn't know much more about them than Oscar does. Andy starts a bit from Rocky II, then backs off, and Ryan offers him a cheat sheet. Michael doesn't want to cheat. "Show him how to use it," Jim suggests.

Dwight and Nate drive to the address Pam gave, only to find a vacant lot. They mock-ruefully sigh, "Pam, Pam, Pam," which happens to attract the attention of a woman named Pam who's walking by with a bag of groceries. Dwight explains and asks, "You're not a liar too, are you?" She admits a little flirtily that she's been known to bend the truth a bit. "Dammit, Pam!" Dwight spits, and yells at her to get out of here. While Nate starts driving back, Dwight gleefully says, "I can't wait to do to Pam what I just did to Pam."

Back in the bullpen, Dwight pretends to be interested in the new office, as an employee. That's just an excuse to get all in Pam's face asking about specifics, while she starts getting evasive. Dwight continues working it while Pam quietly agrees, "Mm-hmm."

Pam takes Jim into the stairwell to admit she may have made it all up for leverage with Dwight. Basically, she doesn't want to fail at being office administrator, like she did at art school and sales. Jim tries to be supportive. "I'm not an artist and I'm not a salesman, so what would you call it?" Oh, ouch. Jim quickly gives her a kiss and a hug.

But in the very next scene, he's done being there for her, because he's down in the entryway coffee shop to support Michael. Along with Andy and Erin and Kelly and Ryan, he spectates while Oscar starts to lecture Michael about China. Michael keeps dropping facts that seem to keep Oscar on the ropes.

In the kitchen, Nate gives Pam a thick book and says, "I wasn't here." Which he has to explain to her. I didn't know that was pirate code.

Michael's keeping up his barrage of facts, but Oscar finds an opening, causing Michael to fidget nervously. Which in turn causes little sheets of paper to fall out of his sleeve. Ryan does a double facepalm. Him and me both.

Pam marches into Dwight's office and hands him the book Nate gave her earlier, saying he's breaking the law. "There are certain standards you have to maintain the building at. And that includes comfortable temperatures and adequate lighting. It also means no more cutting the tampons in two." I hope he's doing that before they're bought out of the machines. Dwight says he underestimated her, "And I didn't think that was possible. Nate, re-ply the paper." Nate reverses direction on the machine, which is what passes for a sight gag.

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