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Beach Games

Andy ends up wins the eating contest with fourteen hot dogs -- thirteen if you don't count the one that came up. Creed returns, disappointedly holding the stripped skeleton and head of his catch. "Nobody told me there were going to be hot dogs," he complains.

Dwight and Angela are off alone, and Dwight suggests sabotage. Angela says that she'll deliberately misunderstand everything Andy says, "until he goes insane." Despite the fact that there are no walls to punch through at the beach, Dwight and Angela both think it'll work. "If Michael organizes a group hug, try to stand next to me," Dwight instructs. He does know how to talk to the ladies.

Jim and Stanley are getting ready to square off in those big sumo suits and rubber helmets shaped like feudal Japanese topknots. Michael reads the rules: don't step outside the "ring" (actually a canvas circle stretched out on the sand), don't touch the ground, and always wear the safety mittens. Which Michael left in the trunk of his car, but never mind. When Michael calls go, Stanley charges Jim like an enraged grizzly, knocking a startled Jim flat on his face. "Sorry about that, it's all about taking points away from Dwight," Stanley apologizes afterward to his prone coworker. "Oh my God," Jim panting-heads afterward. "I have never seen that look in a man's eyes, ever. I thought that I might die! On Beach Day!"

Andy and Dwight match up in the sumo suits, as Oscar says that he'll transfer to Albany if either one of them gets put in charge. He also mentions that things aren't going so well between him and Gil: "Angela thinks I can cross over. We'll see." Oh, Oscar, don't do it. On this show, it will only lead to heartbreak.

Finally, Dwight beats Andy in the sumo ring. Afterward, Andy -- still in the suit and helmet -- serenely THs that he only lost because he learned in anger management that "it's better to work things out with words." So Dwight comes and kicks Andy's ass again.

Still in the suit and helmet, Andy bumbles down the steep bank toward the lake to soak his bandanna. But he slips and falls into the water. It's impossible to swim in one of those, but fortunately it makes an excellent flotation device, so Andy is left floating helplessly on his back. The only one who saw him take the spill into the drink is Angela, who pretends not to understand Andy's desperate calls for help as he begins to float away. "Look at what I'm dong and go tell somebody it!" he bellows. Angela shrugs mock-obliviously. "Bye, Andy!" says Angela. I can't believe how well that plan worked out.

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