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The food has been delivered to the lunch table, and Jim and Pam debate whether they should start eating while Phyllis and Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration are still in the bathroom. Apparently they've been in there a while. They compromise by snagging some of BVoVR's fries. Given what must be going on in that bathroom, I don't know how either of them has any appetite at all.

Kevin's doing pretty well with the woman Michael introduced him to, until he lets slip that his fiancée left him. He tries to save it, but ends up telling her the truth and walking away. "It happened so fast," he laments in a TH. "So....... fast."

Michael tries to help a guy named Eric, who's in tool and die repair, connect with Meredith, who had a hysterectomy. "So that's sort of a repair. All right, I'll let you guys talk."

Michael THs that it's going well. "'Cause that's what you hate to see, when hope gets crushed." Speaking of which, bloodmobile lady still hasn't shown up.

Later, Dwight wonders why Michael is watching the front door, and Michael admits that he met a woman earlier while he was giving blood. Kelly and Meredith and even Dwight's target are totally moved by the story, even as he tries to downplay it. "I think our blood bags touched," he admits. Aww.

Phyllis and BVoVR still aren't back, and their food is getting cold. And picked at by Pam and Jim. "You think they dined and dashed?" Pam wonders. Jim points out that they didn't dine. So they check out the bathrooms, both of which are empty. But when they put their ears to the door of the handicapped bathroom and hear the amorous noises emanating from within, all becomes clear. Took them long enough.

A different cute brunette walks into the conference room, asking if this is the party. Everything stops. "Nah," Michael says. Everyone in the room lets out a disappointed moan. She walks out, shot down.

The JBF Vances return to the table, trying to act like nothing happened. Phyllis should maybe try to act a little less dehydrated. Oh, and guess what? It is awkward.

Kevin apologizes to the lady he was talking to before. "I get very nervous talking to pretty girls," he confesses, and invites her to check out his sweaty hand. He does get her e-mail address, which for Kevin is a major victory. "Good Valentine's," he THs afterward.

Dwight's blonde gets tired of him trying to sell her paper, and takes off. "Okay, well thanks for wasting my time tonight," he calls after her. "Idiot!" Michael reassures Dwight, "You don't deserve her."

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