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Later, Michael offers to cut everyone loose, now that it's just the Dunder Mifflinites. But they stay as a show of support. Later still, when the cake and paper plates is being cleared away, everyone offers to walk out with Michael. As they all say their goodbyes in the parking lot, he VOs about how it's not as much about returning the slipper as picking up the slipper in the first place. "I think my odds are pretty good," he concludes. What I want to know is how Michael got through the whole second half of the episode without making a reference to The Continental.

The tag brings us back to the bloodmobile. Stanley tries to scam a chocolate chip cookie, claming he gave blood earlier, although his arm has a cotton ball and tape stuck to it instead of a Band-Aid. "Band-Aids," he mutters to Phyllis as she comes up behind him with her own cotton ball and tape. And Creed leaves with a unit of blood tucked into his coat pocket. I really hope that falls into the "Creed steals everything just because" category and not the "Don't know, don't want to know" category, but I don't like the odds.

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