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Sail Away Without Me
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Crossing the parking lot, Oscar asks, "Can you guys come with me for a minute?" Who? Oh, he's talking to the documentarians, who follow him behind the building where he confesses his affair with Angela's husband, the senator. "I hope that I can count on your sensitivity, maturity, and discretion," he says into a rolling camera. And then, out from behind a stack of pallets steps Kevin, who has none of those things.

Andy's holed up in his office with a bunch of unfamiliar-looking financial advisers as Jim and Pam bring us up to date: Andy's father blew all of the Bernard family's money and ran away to Argentina with another woman, and his brother Walt, Jr. locked himself in the wine cellar. But they're most horrified with how Andy has been so..."competent." Oh, and speaking of squandered fortunes, Jim and Pam don't seem to be fighting about that $10K he sank into his business venture on Halloween any more. Andy admits in a TH from his office that the "Nards [are] hurting," but he's doing so well at dealing with it that he wishes his dad could see him now. "'Course, he caused this whole mess so fuck him."

In the stairwell, Oscar tells Kevin that he's in love with Robert and he needs Kevin's help keeping it a secret until he can sort it out. "I really want to," Kevin assures him. "Whatever happens, always remember that." Or maybe "assures" isn't the right word.

Pam gets off the phone and reports that a local radio host named Iris Black wants someone from Dunder Mifflin to guest on her show today. This must be the most boring radio show ever. Dwight quickly volunteers, because he thinks it'll make him famous and that being famous will help him sell more paper. Like it does Brad Pitt.

Meredith asks Andy for leads on his brother in rehab, but is disappointed to learn he's in New Mexico. "So how you holding up?" she asks, rallying quickly. "We're done here, Meredith," Andy says with startling competence. Kind of a shame that Josh Groban won't be back, though.

Dwight sits at his desk doing tongue-twisters and vocal warm-ups, preparing for his radio interview but really just irritating everyone.

Andy has Erin, Andy, and Darryl in the conference room going over some unstealable Bernard family assets, including a boat whose sale would cover his mom's expenses. Alas, Andy's not willing to part with it, so he asks for other ideas. Oscar is distracted by Kevin talking to Angela at the copier, and snaps his name from the open door until Kevin remembers himself. Back in the conference room, Daryl's just finished calculating that selling everything but the boat will set Andy's mom up for six months, but Andy still isn't entirely cool with letting go of the floating family heirloom, even though he reluctantly agrees to do so. "What are you going to do, cry about it?" he THs, just before running off-camera to go cry about it.

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