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Angela gets off the phone talking about how exhausted her husband is from the campaign: "Last night he was so tired he just wanted a little Mexican brought in." This is too much for Kevin, who runs away laughing. Oscar, in a TH: "I'm in big trouble." Kevin, in a TH: "Yeah, Oscar's in big trouble." But Oscar seems to have gotten hold of Kevin's personnel file, so maybe Kevin's in trouble too.

Now in his underwear, Dwight fields a question from "Iris" about Dunder Mifflin paper being toxic, which he denounces in an aside as "Gotcha journalism. Well, they are not going to gotch me."

Oscar is showing something damning from Kevin's file to Toby, who says he'll need to send Kevin home pending an investigation. Not cool, Oscar. You know how Toby loves his investigations.

Dwight's getting exercised about "Iris's" accusations, and while Jim hurries out of the room for some reason, Nellie drafts Pam to act as a paper mill foreman from upstate New York. Pam obligingly busts out a harsh Long Island accent as she says their paper's only toxic if it's exposed to oxygen. Jim rushes into the break room in a fake panic, grabbing Dwight and shaking him as he berates him about their plummeting stock prices before ducking back out. "Iris" closes in for the kill, as Dwight fights his own actual panic.

Kevin happily gets off the phone after a summons from Toby, speculating that maybe he's getting a promotion. Oscar says he hopes that's what it is, and Kevin agrees, saying that then he could get his own office and not blow Oscar's secret. "I've been really worried about that." Oscar is left looking guilty, as he should. Kevin's not the one screwing his coworker's husband, after all.

So Oscar does go back and interrupt Kevin's meeting with Toby, sending the former to the snack machine with some cash. Of course when Kevin enters the break room, he finds Dwight yelling on the phone in his underwear. Meanwhile Oscar confesses to Toby that he gave him false numbers because he was mad at Kevin. "So you set him up," Toby says with his all-too-familiar mystery-smelling face on. Fortunately for Oscar, Toby would rather air his own lingering doubts about how he voted to convict the Scranton Strangler when he was on the jury. And it's not many circumstances under which this outcome would be considered more fortunate than others.

Nellie is asking "on the air" for Dwight's resignation, since he claimed earlier to be the one really in charge. From the break room (where Kevin is also down to his underwear as he enjoys his treat from the vending machine, because when in Rome), Dwight sputters that he's following orders and throws David Wallace under the fake bus.

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