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Lost in Translation

Michael is making everyone in the office speak Spanish, because of our neighbors to the south, and healing for North America, and of course his vacation next week to Cancun. He practices with Jim, who shoots back a bunch of junior-high Spanish that totally throws him. Dwight, on the other hand, thinks this is a waste of time, as everyone will be speaking German in 20 years, or a German-Chinese hybrid. Only if civilization is destroyed except for German DVDs of Firefly. Oscar talking-heads that Michael is having trouble remembering the genders of nouns, so he suggested marking everything with gender symbols. "I should have been more specific," he adds, holding up a pair of blurred-out Post-Its. Back in Michael's office, which is plastered with similar tags, Oscar complains, "Your office is full of genitalia." Michael spits out a phrase in Spanish, which Oscar translates as, "That's what he says?" Enter Angela, who Michael calls "Angelo," because that's more Spanish. After she corrects him, Michael Post-Its a pair of boobs onto her forehead. Someone probably should have done that a long time ago.

Jim and Pam are working on a joint sales presentation, and Pam keeps coming up with corny jokes to throw in. Dwight complains about it, and Michael says he picked the two people who would put the best face on the company. Dwight protests, "Why would you pick two people who have never cut the face off of anything in their lives?" Jim says that's a fair point.

In a joint TH, Pam and Jim explain what they're doing, and she makes another corny joke, complete with Vaudevillian inflection. "I don't even know who you are any more," he tells her.

Donna, the manager from the barcade everyone visited in "Happy Hour", (Sid & Dexter's, not to be confused with Dave & Buster's) comes in looking for Michael. Jim and Pam start to step up to greet their new prospective client, only to be cut off by Michael popping out and asking, "Somebody order a hooker?" Donna finds this a lot funnier than Jim does. Michael THs about the passionate love affair he and Donna are having, which they're not actually having, but Donna is there to maybe buy printers. And she's not the only one who's going to be asked to buy something this episode. Back in the bullpen, Michael introduces the Halperts as the Wonder Twins, and Donna can see the family resemblance. "I knew it!" Angela cuts in. "You should see their baby."

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