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Lost in Translation

During the sales presentation Jim and Pam are trying to give Donna in the conference room, Michael busts in to offer Donna the Victoria's Secret catalogs he's been getting by mistake. She seems to appreciate this extra touch of customer service, but I don't see her making sure the pages aren't stuck together.

Gabe is telling Darryl about Sabre's "Print In All Colors" Minority Executive Training program in the kitchen, and of course Dwight wants in, as the minority he tries to claim to be: "Glasses wearers? Cholera survivors? Geniuses? Non organic family farmers?" Not what Gabe is looking for. Dwight hates how much attention Darryl is getting, which of course makes Darryl like it even more. So in a TH, Dwight rhetorically wonders which minority he'd rather see in management: "The competent, hard-working one who does things his own way, or the malleable simpleton who can be bought for a few fashion magazines?" Is it a spoiler to say he's just going to end up making himself miserable? Because I think you knew that already.

Back to the annex, where Dwight sucks up to Kelly and asks her how many Indian CEOs she can think of. She can't think of any CEOs at all, so Dwight suggests she could be the Indian Bill Gates or the Indian Ted Turner. She's thinking more Indian Julia Roberts, and Dwight wants this bad enough -- or wants this to be over bad enough -- that he just goes along with it.

Michael has apparently not only chases Jim and Pam out of their PowerPoint presentation, Michael has inserted a few slides of his own, which are photos that are ostensibly to show off the printers' color capabilities, but just happen to focus on his "Shrek-green eyes," the "crisp, gorgeous white" of his teeth, and the "crisp gorgeous black" of an African American underwear model. That last one is part of a subliminal campaign to turn her on and associate it with Michael himself, that seems based on an incomplete understanding of that Old Spice commercial with The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. There's even a brief flash of the word SEX up on the screen. Donna seems impressed, and Michael starts to lean in for a kiss. Which gets dodged. Looking up and seeing Jim and Pam watching in horror through the window, Michael yells, Jim, what was that printer we were looking at?" I believe it was the LaserJet 1030 AARGH.

After the ads, Jim and Pam are in Michael's office, and Jim points out that maybe Michael shouldn't try to kiss people at work. Look who's talking. Michael makes this exact point, and Pam agrees with him: "If she was really that upset, she wouldn't still be here." That sounds like a good basis for a relationship.

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