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Boys And Girls

Back in Jan's woman-empowering meeting, she asks Pam to take notes. See how ironic that is? Jan should have made Michael do that. Except the conference room doesn't have a one-way sound isolation booth, so that probably wouldn't have worked.

Down in the warehouse, Michael is introducing us to Darryl and Roy as though we've never met them before. This actually provides a convenient cover for Kevin to come up behind Jim and quietly speculate that Roy will try to beat up Jim for liking Pam. "I got your back if he does," Kevin promises. He then immediately regrets it and adds, "But try to stay out of it." He says that, but I wouldn't want to find myself in a cage match with Brian Baumgartner. Dude's probably a human wrecking ball. Meanwhile, as the warehouse guys and the office guys meet into the middle of the warehouse floor like they're about to perform the "Beat It" video, Michael starts out this little summit by saying that he sees no difference between white-collar and blue-collar, because he's "collar-blind." That might explain why he never sees the rope with which he's constantly hanging himself.

Upstairs, Jan is trying to build the women's confidence by having them take turns saying what they're good at. Meredith stops in mid-AA intro to say she's good at supplier relations. Phyllis is good at computer stuff. "Really?" Angela says waspishly, sending Phyllis into one of her trademark self-esteem tailspins.

Pam does a TH in the break room. I'm sure it's a coincidence that the sign on the women's room door is clearly visible over her shoulder. She says she's not getting much out of the seminar, and slowly realizes that instead of the women, the person in the office she has the most in common with is...

"Jim! Halpert!" Roy growls at Jim. He's heard the rumors, and he's cool with it, since it's over. In fact, Roy appreciates the fact that Pam has someone to talk to at work, "So she's not all 'bap, bap bap bap' when she gets home." "Yeah, I like talking to her too," Jim passive-aggressives right over Roy's head. So it's all good. In the background, Kevin is spectacularly relieved.

Darryl suggests to Michael that they switch places, but Michael would rather get his office guys to work unloading the trucks. Which they do, led by Dwight. Suddenly, Michael spots an old friend -- the blow-up doll -- hanging from a storage rack. He takes it down to...get reacquainted, I guess. But she's changed. In fact, she's now got a life-sized photo of Michael's face pasted on the front of her head. Michael's a bit thrown, but then takes a moment to pose for the cameras with his latex doppelganger. The two-Michael-heads illusion is a lot more convincing here than it is with his Halloween costume.

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