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Boys And Girls

Jan's meeting is not going so great. During a break, she THs that the idea of these sessions is "to see if there are any standouts; women who could be a good addition to our corporate life." And then she offers a spectacular demonstration of the act of Stopping Right There.

While schlepping boxes, Dwight tries to get the guys talking about guy stuff and opens the floor for suggestions on a topic. Ponies? asks Jim. Ryan suggests rainbows. Jim tries flowers. Somehow it's funnier to have the two of them tag-teaming Dwight like this without even looking at each other. Just like last week, Ryan steps seamlessly into Pam's role. Is that too much of a stretch? That's a rhetorical question. Please don't send me any slashfic.

Michael is at the controls of the forklift, using it to move one single box of paper. He ignores an increasingly panicked Darryl's entreaties to get off it, until Michael clips a big freestanding storage shelf and knocks it over, as well as the one next to it. "We'll get someone to clean that up," Michael promises as he sheepishly dismounts, to the guys who have to clean it up. "We have to get this thing serviced," he adds, because it's the forklift's fault that he's an idiot.

Back from ads, Michael's got the guys sitting around in a circle. He's shed his tie and jacket, and has undone no less than four shirt buttons. I'm glad to see that Steve Carell's "man o'lantern" patches from the 40-Year-Old Virgin shoot have grown back. He talks about how much the two groups of guys actually have in common, including liking some of the same girls as he points at Jim and Roy. The warehouse's one female asks if he wants her to go. Michael, who has clearly not noticed her until now (she's not especially...girly), says she doesn't have to, but she goes anyway. Good call. I wonder how many of the guys still there would be willing to trade places with her.

In Jan's meeting, they're apparently talking about their dreams and goals, which have a distressingly (to Jan, at least) domestic bent. When Pam's turn comes, she talks about wanting a house with a terrace upstairs where she can plant flowers, and she loves to draw. She'd like to get into graphic design someday. Jan seizes on this and says the company is offering a design training program in New York. Really? That doesn't sound like the Dunder Mifflin we know. Pam starts making excuses, until Jan interrupts with, "There's always a million reasons not to do something." Pam swallows and accepts the brochure Jan offers her. Although at this point, she's only 10% interested in the thing and 90% scared of saying no to Jan. Which, to be fair, is 9% more courage than I would have at this point in Jan's character arc.

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