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Boys And Girls

Meanwhile, Pam excuses herself when she sees Jim outside the room, checking his voice mail. "We watched a video about our changing bodies," she deadpans so effectively that Jim almost believes her for a minute. She tells Jim about the design thing, which Jim thinks is a great idea.

So how is Michael doing with the union-busting in the warehouse? Well, we see him throwing several cubic yards of Styrofoam packing peanuts into the industrial fan so he can pretend it's snowing. "You ever do this?" he asks Darryl. It's apparent from Darryl's face that he's thinking about a famous movie scene that also has snow and whirling blades, and that scene is from Fargo.

The women have finally turned on Jan, quizzing about her divorce and, in Kelly's case, why she "did that thing with Michael." Jan calls a break.

She goes down to the warehouse and asks Michael if he's "taken care of it" yet. He lies, badly that he has. So without even coming all the way down the steps to the warehouse floor, Jan takes control of the room and announces in no uncertain terms that unionizing is a really bad idea. It killed the Pittsfield branch, and if they even think about it here, they'll be screwed. If they have any more questions, they can ask Michael, who is now hiding. Jan leaves, invigorated. Because why deal with the fallout from the worst move of your romantic life (so far) when you can go crush an insurrection single-handedly instead?

Upstairs, Roy is clearly being an asshole to Pam about the design thing. We can't hear what he's saying, but it's obvious that he's shot the idea down as he hands the brochure back to her. Would he be so unsupportive if he himself hadn't just gotten kicked in his aspirational nuts? Doesn't matter. Meanwhile, Pam THs about dreams just being something to get you through the day. Like that house with the terrace and the flowers, which she read about in a book when she was twelve.

Jim comes and finds Pam in the break room, able to tell from her body language that she's not going anywhere. "Why not?" he asks, almost as disappointed as she is. "You gotta take a chance on something, sometime, Pam. I mean, do you want to be a receptionist here, always?" Pam gets pretty owly with him. And then she THs about how impractical it all is anyway. "They don't even make houses like that in Scranton. So, I mean, I'm never gonna..." And then her face crumples and she melts into tears. Stupid Roy.

Michael is back at the wheel of the forklift, doing to the warehouse what the Who used to do to hotel rooms. As crashes echo through the space, the woman erases the "936" on the lost-time accident board and replaces it with a big old goose egg. 936 days? Michael said it had only been months since his last visit.

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